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Great Spin Bike Indoor Cycling Apps

5 Great Indoor Cycling Apps to Get Your Heart Pumping

July 28, 2017

Spin cycling is fun, but an indoor cycling routine can get a bit boring when you are riding solo in a home exercise room at 6 a.m. in the morning. It is also hard to stay motivated if you need to fit in a workout after a tiring day at work, isn’t it?

Solution? A cycling app can keep you happy and motivated if it is a good fit for your spin cycling needs and temperament. Spin cycling apps are incredibly easy to use. Simply download an indoor biking app to your tablet, then secure a tablet mount to your spin bike and pedal away!

Apps are not all created equal, nor is every app a great fit for every cyclist. You might have to experiment with a few cycling apps before finding the app you’ll love to death, so why wait? Check out Tackform’s recommendations, download a few prime contenders, and then take them for a blissful test spin.

5 Indoor Spin Cycling Apps to Test Drive Today!

CycleCast (Available on iPhone 5 (c/s), 6/7 (s), 6/7 Plus (s), SE, and iPod touch with iOS 8 and up Using the CycleCast app is easy and it is available on demand. Simply choose your CycleCast instructor and ride time—then press play and pedal away when the time has come. To get the most benefit, you can use an indoor bike with a weighted flywheel or an outdoor bike hooked to a trainer or rollers. You can also use a recumbent bike or elliptical, although you won’t be able to perform every movement or receive the optimum spin cycling experience). You can test drive CycleCast’s audio-guided indoor cycling classes free of charge for seven days.

CycleOps Virtual Training (CVT) (iOS and Android) is a versatile app allowing indoor cyclists to cycle throughout authentic outdoor routes around the globe—without leaving the house. Useful features include the ability to pre-program interval workouts, allow CVT to automatically control resistance, and track and record data as you cycle through your daily outdoor routes. You can test drive the app for free during a two-week trial period.

Velo-Trainer. (iPad and Senors) Are you a highly social spin cycler? Does competing make you pedal faster? Then you probably would benefit from signing up for the Velo-Trainer app’s free 30-day trial. A paid subscription (purchased monthly or by the year) allows indoor cyclists to train or compete with friends and set up cycling events. The company reports that their app testers missed or shortened fewer sessions after creating a race or training event using their app.

Indoor Cycling by Free Sports Apps (android) allows spinners to happily tap into all types of cycling classes free-of-charge. Once you’ve downloaded Indoor Cycling to your android phone or tablet, you can start enjoying classes of the intensity and skill level you desire.  An added perk are the tips you’ll receive regarding weight loss, adjusting spinning resistance on your bike, and improving your cycling performance. Choose the music style that motivates you the most and let the spin begin!

Spin Tracker.( iOS 8.1 or later on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) If your perspective on life is “keep it simple” then the Spin Tracker app is an app you’ll adore. The free Spin Tracker app is a super easy and uncomplicated way to graphically track and analyze your spin cycling distance, duration, and progress. Nothing could be simpler! 

What are you waiting for? Mount your phone or tablet onto the phone holder or tablet mount on your bike’s handles and start spinning!

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Have you checked out our previous blog posts? The very first post contained an entire list of bike cycling apps that are a nice addition to what we’ve reported here. Do you have a favorite spin cycling app? Tell us about it.

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