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Fitness Tracking Biking Apps Too Good To Ignore

Fitness Tracking Biking Apps Too Good To Ignore

July 10, 2017 1 Comment

Congratulations. You’ve decided to get fit by biking up a storm. Do you want an app to go with that goal? Tackform has scoured the app marketplace to find five fitness apps to keep you motivated and fantastically fit.  

  1. Strava (iPhone and Android) is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps for good reason—it offers fitness tracking, kinship, spam-free content, and a wide range of biking resources to tap into. Strava allows you to easily record and analyze your cycling activity and share it with friends or the Strava biking community. Basic functions are free but there are premium features available, requiring a paid upgrade—such as a safety feature that shares your current bike riding location with up to three safety contacts that you’ve selected to receive that information.   
  1. Biologic Bike Brain. (Requires IOS 7.0 or later) is a one-stop shop for bike riders on the road to getting fit. Useful features include GPS mapping, tracking of biking speed and distance traveled, and features to help you track calories. One really cool feature is the app’s geo-tagging feature, allowing bike riders to tag photograph locations for future reference.
  1. Zwift (Requires iPhone SE or 5S or higher) is a great pick if you are an indoor cyclist or an outdoor cyclist who often trains indoors. Zwift’s features are designed to keep you motivated with visual cues that push you out of your comfort zone. If you are training for road racing and triathlons, access to Zwift’s virtual roads ensure that you won’t have to skip a training day because of bad weather. Plus, Zwift makes it super easy to hook a training frame on your bike and sneak in extra training sessions in the comfort of your home. Using Zwift requires paid membership, but the company offers new users a 7-day free trial membership. That’s plenty of time to check out the features and determine if Zwift is the right app for your fitness tracking needs.
  1. Bike Computer by Ro Products (Android and iPhone). Bike Computer is available in two versions—free and premium. The free version garnered a four star rating on Amazon, with most users expressing satisfaction with Bike Computer’s offline maps, speed and distance data feature, and social media session sharing and trip planning features. For cyclists desiring a more robust menu of features, Ro Products offers Bike Computer Pro. Ad-free Bike Computer Pro is extremely feature-rich, offering a wide range of added features such as:
  • Automatic route recalculation upon completion
  • Turn by turn visual or audio instructions
  • Precise calorie calculation based on your current weight and your bike type/weight
  • Audio feedback on speed, elevation, and trail loss
  • The ability to adjust offline map resolution for easier reading
  • No login or registration required
  1. Cyclemeter (iPhone and Android) This stealth app might possibly be the only fitness app you’ll need for tracking cycling and other fitness activities. Cyclemeter offers swipe access to stats, maps, workout pie chart and bar graphs, and other data. Tracking features, include automatic stop detection and sensor-driven speed, power, and heart rate recording features. Keeping within your training zones and hitting your targets is easier with Cyclemeter’s configurable audible announcements, designed to keep you on track and firmly within your training zone. There are 120 announcements to choose from, focusing on time, distance, speed, and other factors. 

Get up to speed on the health benefits of bike riding and useful bike riding resources, by surfing over to (Shifting Gears from Unfit to Furiously Fit).

Visit again next week for tips on how determine which Tackform mount is best for your bicycle.

Is there a different app you recommend? Please let us hear about it below.

1 Response

Erica G.
Erica G.

July 10, 2017

Personally I’ve been using Map My Ride and loving it. It’s somewhat motivating logging my daily rides. I started with short rides of a mile or two but I soon after started pushing myself a little further each ride. Setting weekly goals etc. I’ve now been averaging about 5 miles a day and trying to stay between 30-40 miles a week. Nothing crazy but a good balance between work and momming.. :)

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