To bike, or not to bike?  That is the question.

To Bike or Not to Bike? Part 1 of 3

To Bike or Not to Bike? Part 1 of 3

The Answer: 

There are tons of benefits to having access to your two wheeled-bestie. I didn’t shop around much for my bike, I just laid eyes on it and it felt right. Personally, I adore my bike! It’s nothing girly or colorful, it’s quite the opposite actually... but it brings back so many good memories, proof of positive results, minimizes your carbon footprint, and most importantly.. It allows time for me. Nowadays, the me part is what keeps me going.

On any given day, with an hour to spare (which is rare nowadays, and we ‘adult’ regularly), I take advantage of that hour.. to improve me. I like to ride my bicycle because I feel this overwhelming childlike happiness, deep in my soul. I like to go distance, at my own pace, with my earbuds in to a good audiobook with my phone secured safely on my cell phone bike mount. I usually ride with my hair down (my absolute favorite feeling in the world) for the first few minutes just to feel the wind move through it!  This is my me time! No screaming children, no ringing work phone, no husband,  no pounding computer keys. No ‘Wheels on-the-bus’, no Disney showtunes. .. Only what I choose to fill my brain with. Me.

I feel a huge sense of comfort-meets-confidence in knowing that by fulfilling this cram packed hour with an abundance of my favorite things, I’m also improving my health and wellness. It makes me want to be a better me! I wish I realized sooner in life (specifically right after baby #1 was born) that a getting on a bicycle was so life-enriching!

My favorite part of the ride is before I even get on the bike. It’s the preparation and the thought that goes into it.

My brain: Ok, so I’ve got an hour and 23 mins of time to kill before the littles need to get to dance and karate. I can go at an average speed of 11 miles an hour, and only need to go 10 miles one way, to meet my 20 miles goal. I can alot myself 15 mins of prep time. And GO! Before it’s too late!

I fill my camelbak to the brim.
Grab 2 bandanas, one for my head, the other to tie around my backpack strap to wipe the dirt dust and gravel as needed.
Lather up with sunscreen (ah, I love that smell).
Put on my gloves. Don’t forget the gloves.
Toss a few plastic bags in the pack for the unforeseen.
Put on my biking shorts and my favorite shirt (literally has two softball sized holes in the armpits.. but is so ridiculously comfortable)
Tie my shoes up tight.
Grab a poncho and a few ziplocks incase you run into rain (I live in Chicago)
Unwind my earbuds and plug em’ in.
Sift threw my Audiobook app and find one appealing to my mood at the time.
Mount my phone into my bike mount.
I usually say this one out loud: Don’t forget my shades!
Press play on my book, and RIDE!

Pulling out of the driveway with no regrets is such a good feeling! Leaving the house - leaving it all behind - even for only an hour - it’s me time. It’s GO TIME.

4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul.

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