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“Bike Your Park Day” and Other Cycling Adventure

“Bike Your Park Day” and Other Cycling Adventure

August 07, 2017

Are you in the mood for an awesome bike riding adventure? Grab onto your handlebars because you are about to embark on an exciting ride.

Register for the “Bike Your Park Day” September biking event.  Win a biking adventure and more!

The Adventure Cycling Association is organizing an international park cycling event called “Bike Your Park Day,” taking place on September 30, 2017. If you register before September 18, you will also be entered to win a Seldom Seen bicycle from Advocate Cycles and an Amtrak trip for two, with bikes, to Glacier National Park. The event was created to encourage cyclists to explore and celebrate national parks, local state parks, and public lands.

When you register to participate in the event, your ride will be included on an interactive map and you will receive a “Bike Your Park Day” sticker.

Epic Bike Trails in a New York City Borough

The residents of Queens, New York, would love to keep Cunningham Park’s well-kept bike trails to themselves, but the bike trails are so good that word was bound to get out. Cunningham Park, located in Fresh Meadows, Queens, is a 30-minute train or bus ride from Manhattan but it seems as if it is world’s away.

The beautiful public park offers 6.5 miles of mountain biking excitement, with mixed levels of difficulty—ranging from beginner level to an intermediate dirt jump park and expert XC trails. To plan your Cunningham Park biking adventure, click on this  resource. The site is loaded with tons of useful park information—ensuring an epic bike riding experience.

An Off-the-Rails Biking Adventure

Illinois’ Prairie Path nature trail was created when the Chicago Aurora & Elgin railroad’s rail system was converted into a multi-use nature trail for walking, biking, and horseback riding. The 61-mile, mostly limestone, trail,  is a great setting for a relaxing day trip or cycling adventure.

 If you decide to cycle there, be sure to stop along the path to take in some bird watching, to soak in the beauty of Prairie Path’s numerous native restorations, or to rest at a graceful gazebo located along the route. 

Is a rail-to-trail cycling route in Oregon’s future?

It is called the Salmonberry Trail, even though the 6-mile abandoned site located along the tracks of the defunct Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad in Oregon, is a wild and untamed setting where only the most daring hikers dare to tread. There are some who think that Salmonberry could one day be developed into 86-prime miles of biking and hiking paradise.

To find out more about the abandoned railroad site that could transform into an iconic future cycling trail, click here.

What do you think?

Do you want to let us in on a hidden bike trail or biking adventure that you enjoy?

Below are two helpful resources to help you plan future biking adventures.

Additional Resources

The 15 Most Scenic Bike Trails Across America

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