Choosing the Best Tackform Phone Mount for Your Bike

Choosing the Best Tackform Phone Mount for Your Bike

Buying a bike mount is a lot like buying clothes—one size does not fit all! There are many features to consider when choosing a bike phone holder—durability, function, style, theft deterrent, materials, ease of installation, and more.

How much did that latest and greatest state-of-art smartphone or iPhone cost? Do you really want to risk losing or damaging it because your bike’s phone mount let you down?

Before choosing a smartphone or iPhone holder for a bicycle, answering the following questions will quickly weed out inappropriate choices that won’t meet your individual needs.  

  • Are you attaching the bike phone mount to an outdoor bicycle, an indoor bicycle, or both?
  • Are your bike riding conditions particularly rough, gritty, and dirty, or are you cycling on fairly smooth, consistently paved terrain that is relatively free of bumps and cycling challenges?
  • Does the bike mount need to hold a phone or a GoPro camera?
  • Do you cycle mostly in mild weather or in all types of weather?
  • How much are you willing to spend to get the features you desire?
  • Where will you be attaching your phone mount?

If you are seeking security, ease of installation, and durability within a budget price range, The Freedom Cell Phone Bike Mount is the perfect choice to mount on your handlebar. It is easy to install and is ideal for road cycling or casual riding use and motorcycle use. The sturdy phone mount offers a universal fit accommodating just about any smartphone in the current mobile phone marketplace, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and all other iPhone models. This also includes most-all Samsung Galaxy devices—nestling them safely and securely.

Designed for Rough Riders

If you are the type of bike rider who often travels over rough, uneven, or treacherous terrain, you might want to check out the features on the Quick Clamp Ride Pro Bike Mount.

The Quick Clamp Ride Pro is designed for use on mountain bikes, spin bikes, road bikes, and motorcycles, and is super easy to install and remove, thanks to its quick release clamp. Absolutely no tools are required for installation or removal!

The Quick Clamp Ride Pro’s cell phone cradle securely holds standard smartphones and all GoPro models. Cyclists seeking a phone mount they can easily transfer from one bike to another or to the treadmill in the gym will love the Quick Clamp Pro’s versatility and ease of use.

Ride Fast, Ride Hard, Ride Long — Which Style to Choose?

 There are a wide range of Tackform phone and camera mount models for bicycles, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Tackform if you are having trouble deciding which mount is the best fit for your bike, phone, or case.

It only takes a few minutes to email your bicycle’s manufacturer and model information, your phone model, and the phone case you are considering. Ditto for asking for assembly and mounting assistance—because even the very best phone mount won’t work if you don’t secure it correctly.  

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

So let's hear it. What features do you look for in a phone mount for your bike? Is there a feature that you can’t find or that you particularly love?

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