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“Must Have” Cycling Accessories

“Must Have” Cycling Accessories

August 11, 2017

Do you love your bicycle? Or, can it use a makeover to make it easier on the eyes? How about function? Could the right accessory make your bike ride easier and more enjoyable? Tackform has snooped around the Internet to scope out interesting bike customization tips, DIY bike accessory videos, and curated cycling gear accessory lists, so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we found.

A Best Bet for DIY Diehards!

This useful video offers illustrated DIY customization tips that will create an interesting and unique custom bicycle reflecting your personality and bike riding needs.

 Video: 25 DYI awesome ideas to decorate your bike

A Dream Wishlist

American Express has rounded up a listing of bike accessories ranging from basic and functional to a few that smack of pure indulgence. From a handy 6-pack bike bag to a sunny bike planter, there’s plenty of variety to suit all tastes and needs.

Article: 13 Safe and Savvy Bike Accessories

Ring your Stylish Bike Bell

Who wouldn’t enjoy ringing a stylish bike bell? If you are looking for something funky and fascinating, you can find plenty of fanciful bells on Pinterest. You’ll find fruity bike bells, flower bike bells, and bells with flags from countless countries. You’ll find more choice pickings on this 73 Best Bicycle Bells Pinterest page.

More practical types should check out “In Search of the Best Bike Bell: The Bikeway Shootout for detailed, straightforward reviews on the best bike bells.

Gadget Geek Bike Gear

If you geek out over laser lighting devices and bike tracking products, there’s a Forbe’s cycling gadget waiting for you to read about it. Surf on over to “Best Bike Tech 2017: A Pick of the Top Cycling Gadgets” to catch up on  news on the latest hi-tech gear for cycling enthusiasts.

Gear for the Ears

Have you been protecting your ears from possible hearing loss from high noise levels caused by wind turbulence? An easy way to protect your ears is with Cat-Ears by AirStreamz.™

Cat-Ears is a fabric biking accessory that you attach to your bike helmet. It shields your ears from the wind, helping you to better hear potential hazards while protecting your hearing. Very basic—but essential!

So? Has this article helped you discover a bike riding accessory you can’t live without? Of course, no bicycle is complete without a Tackform bike mount to firmly hold and protect your tablet, smartphone, or GoPro camera.

Because breaking an electronic device simply isn’t cool.

Cell Phone and GoPro Mounts for Your Handlebars

With the recent rise of biking and cycling apps the need for a secure place to mount your cell phone has risen as well. Tackform offers a variety of different cell phone mounts for biking some of which even second as GoPro Handlebar Mounts.

Share Your Tips with the Cycling Community

So, do you have any bicycle accessorizing tips to share? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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Excellent product and service

Nick and Erica were exceptionally helpful in talking me through exactly what I needed. The product performs perfectly. These are very well built mounts.

Thanks for the kind words, Jason! We're glad you're loving the product. -Erica
Great product

The arm mount works great. I use it on my wheelchair to hold my cell phone. It never moves once set to a desired position. Its rock solid. Havent found another that is as durable.

This thing is amazing

I never heard of Tackform before i purchased the ipad mount so I was hesitant with purchasing. Not only did it come a few days before it was supposed to but this thing is seriously badass. It came with everything i needed and took about 5 minutes to install. Im using it with an ipad pro 10.5 inch. Its rock solid and id recommend it to anyone. I normally ignore emails that want me to write a produxt review but not many products exceed my expectations like this ipad mount did! 10/10 guys I cant wait to order more products from you

Awesome product

Easy to install and hold my iPad firm highly recommend

great product

great product, fast delivery, everything needed for a secure mount - get it - its easy !!!!