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The Easy Peasy Guide to Bike Smartphone Mounts

The Easy Peasy Guide to Bike Smartphone Mounts

September 17, 2017

With the newest iPhone hovering around the $1,000 price mark, it might be prudent to start checking out sturdy cell phone mounts if you plan on taking your phone along on your next biking trek. Even the least inexpensive smartphones are way too valuable to risk breaking due to an unexpected “phone drop” while you are cycling. Your smartphone’s apps, phone contacts, and other essentials are organized exactly the way you want them and breaking your mobile phone means that you’re going to have to struggle through a tedious phone setup routine all over again. Arrgh!

Purchasing a sturdy handlebar cell phone mount is a proactive move that makes it easy to use your smartphone when you need it---and you may very well need it if you ever get lost in woods or in an unknown part of town.  Google’s navigation system is a traveler’s dream—possibly, ranking as highly as the introduction of the HOV lane. Being able to use Google’s navigation system hands-free, thanks to a reliable and sturdy cell phone mount, ensures a smooth, safe bike ride, without unnecessary or dangerous distractions. Packing a hefty phone in a back pocket simply isn’t cool and you certainly don’t want your Galaxy, Apple, or other smartphone to get knocked around as you bike.

So, what’s a bike rider to do if he or she is looking for a reliable bike phone mount that won’t flake out during a lengthy ride? Below, are a few quick tips to help you select the perfect cell phone mount.

If it doesn’t fit—exit!

When you set out to shop for a bicycle bar cell phone mount, be sure to look for a mount that is labeled “universal.” Cell phone mounts that are labeled “universal” hold all the iPhone models and leading cell phone brands such as LG, Samsung, and Motorola. Therefore, if you change your cell phone brand or purchase a new phone, you won’t have to purchase a new phone mount because universal mounts adapt to a wide range of cell phone sizes and models.

Attaching and Detaching

When you are shopping for a cell phone mount for your bicycle, remember this phrase: “easy on, easy off.” Who wants to spend time fussing with a mobile phone mount? To avoid this problem, make sure you understand the mechanics of attaching the mount BEFORE purchasing it. If you are an “all thumbs” type of cyclist who is purchasing your bicycle mount from an online shop, check to see if there is a money-back guarantee so you can return a defective mount that fails to properly adhere to your handle bars.

Congrats! You’ve Landed in the Right Place

Are you looking for a cell phone mount for your bike? Tackform’s bike mounts are sold with a money-back guarantee and they all ship free. Our wide selection and excellent customer support ensures that you will find the correct bike mount for your bicycle’s handlebars.

In addition to phone mounts, Tackform also stocks packages of silicone slings that will keep your mobile phone especially safe and secure during rough rides. Keeping a few extra slings on hand comes in handy if you ever need to replace the sling that arrived with your original phone mount.

Do you own a Tackform bike mount? We’d love to hear from  you!

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Excellent product and service

Nick and Erica were exceptionally helpful in talking me through exactly what I needed. The product performs perfectly. These are very well built mounts.

Thanks for the kind words, Jason! We're glad you're loving the product. -Erica
Great product

The arm mount works great. I use it on my wheelchair to hold my cell phone. It never moves once set to a desired position. Its rock solid. Havent found another that is as durable.

This thing is amazing

I never heard of Tackform before i purchased the ipad mount so I was hesitant with purchasing. Not only did it come a few days before it was supposed to but this thing is seriously badass. It came with everything i needed and took about 5 minutes to install. Im using it with an ipad pro 10.5 inch. Its rock solid and id recommend it to anyone. I normally ignore emails that want me to write a produxt review but not many products exceed my expectations like this ipad mount did! 10/10 guys I cant wait to order more products from you

Awesome product

Easy to install and hold my iPad firm highly recommend

great product

great product, fast delivery, everything needed for a secure mount - get it - its easy !!!!