Suction Cup Mount | 20mm Ball Connector | Enduro Series

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Awesome product

I purchased the mount for my iPad Pro but I needed a suction cup mount for it so I ordered this. It holds tight to the windshield and it doesn’t vibrate like other mounts. I very happy with the whole system I purchased. Plus it arrived in three days which was one day sooner that I was told.

Surpassed Expectations

I got the tablet mount and the phone mount.
I am a truck driver and so far both mounts have performed outstandingly better than I could have imagined. I absolutely love the fact that all joints are made out of metal.
The suction cup is super strong, I have never seen anything better. These mounts were clearly made based on what really matters and not just to make a profit using the cheapest materials possible.
I do have 2 comments/suggestions.
Even if I had to pay extra, I would prefer to have an all aluminum construction on the table mount. They use plastic to hold the tablet and I expect it will last forever, but I wish I didn’t have to worry about tossing it around and risking breaking by setting something heavy on it.
And the phone mount, I understand it is a one size fits all, but If there was a small and large option I would choose the large option.
My iPhone xsmax with case does fit properly and stays secure, bug it’s a bit too stiff to get in there since I have to open the mount as far as it will go and that makes me think that the spring might not last as long as the tablet mount mount because it is under a lot of stress and I do leave the phone in the mount for at least 9 hours at a time.
I have already recommended these mounts to friends, they are well built and can be positioned in any way you could possibly need.

Great Product

This is the best suction mount I have ever owned. It just sucks! Very happy with all my Tackform products and will be recommending to everyone!


Great product. High Quality

Suction cup

Had the chance to use this suction cup on my car when I visit the dragon .
This product it's way better than everything what I try .
Big thank to Tackform team for this awesome product!


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Amazing mount
Great Mount!
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