Mega Clamp | Extra Long Arm | Spring Loaded Tablet Cradle | Heavy Duty

THE MEGA CLAMP - It's the Mega Clamp for a reason! It's big, it's strong and it's sturdy. Compatible with all iPads from iPad Mini to 9.7 to iPad Pro 12.9. Also holds Galaxy Tablets and the Surface Pro.

CLAMPS ON ANY PIPE up to 1.9" with no problem. This clamp has crushing power. Be sure that you use caution when clamping to thin walled pipes. All metal construction, re-positionable handle.

ENDURO SERIES ARM - Aluminum arm with two locking elbows and two articulating ball joints. Thumbscrews allow quick loosening/tightening. Unlimited positioning possibilities. Total length 10.5".

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY - The clever spring loaded cradle accommodates any tablet with a screen size between 7" and 18.4", or a tablet with a width between 6.25" and 11.5". Supports all popular tablets.

ABOUT TACKFORM - We're a small family owned business in the Chicago suburbs. Any questions or concerns, contact us immediately for a rapid response from our support team.

Customer Reviews

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Love Product and Support Recieved

Nick from Tackform helped me navigate the website and obtain the product that suited my needs. I was aiming to mount a GO-XLR to my monitor mount pole in order to save desk space and he helped me ensure that the product would suit my needs and I absolutely love it.

Rock Solid

Stiff. Once the joints and clamp are tightened, the iPad is going not going anywhere. Even if you add a few extensions as I did. This holder is very well made. You will not be disappointed.

Perfect Choice

I am a college visual arts teacher and am teaching online this semester. I needed a strong and versatile clamp for my iPad Pro and had some cheap version that made it difficult to produce the video recording and streaming... this Mount is perfect... no movement, variable positions are easy, I could purchase an extension if needed. My iPad is safe and secure allowing me to focus on teaching. Thank you for making such a great product!

Good for MS Surface Pro

I use it when I have my MS Surface Pro hooked to the hub / connected to a 2nd monitor and desktop keyboard and mouse. this stand holds the tablet at a better height for the camera and firmly enough that I can use the stylus on the screen without wobble or unintentionally changing the position.

however this design does trade speed of adjustability for versatility and stability.

Best mount on the market

I didn't expect to spend a lot on an IPad mount for my bike trainer. But looking at the other options, I'm glad I went with this one. It's well worth the price. It's very easy to attach and remove with the tightening mechanisms. I was worried that it wouldn't be straight since my handles bars aren't completely horizontal, but the two ball barring joints make it easy to straighten my device. The parts are solid metal and tighten securely. What makes this really unique is the amount of height this offers since bike handle bars are low. Great build, easy to attach/detach securely, and good height make this an all around solid product. I can't recommend this enough.