Suction Cup Mount | 4.5" Modular Arm | Phone Holder

ABOUT US - Tackform, headquartered in Chicago, IL,  believes that quality products should last a lifetime. In a world filled with low cost, short lived, quick fix mounting solutions, we chose to stand apart by manufacturing and selecting products designed to endure the roughest of conditions.  Our Enterprise Series Series products are here to serve many industries including Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading and Overlanding to name a few. Tackform’s Enterprise Series products are backed by a 3 year warranty.

THE SUCTION CUP -  Our beast of a suction cup measures in at 3.5” in diameter. The pad is molded using all name brand and premium quality resins to ensure a secure hold in harsh weather conditions. With TRUCK DRIVERS in mind we developed a suction pad that will last with regular relocation from one vehicle to another. In the event to suction pad gets damaged or wears down over time, the Tackform pad is easily replaceable.

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY - Our all ALUMINUM cradle is coupled with an industrial stainless steel springs. This will comfortably and securely hold all devices up to 3.4” Wide. This includes all iPhones including Plus Sized Devices.

MOUNTING POSITION VERSATILITY - Between the suction cup and the cradle is our modular arm with a hardened aluminum ball connector at each end allowing two connectors a full range of motion in addition to the locking elbow joint in between them. This metal arm configuration allows easy repositioning, along with a ROCK SOLID, vibration free hold.

INDUSTRIES SERVED - Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading, Overlanding, Big Rig

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Customer Reviews

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Z.P. (Kempton, US)
Best device mounts

Originally discovered tack form motorcycle mounts about a year ago. Wanted something solid to hold my phone on my bike so I decided to try it out. Being a former machinist the fit and finish of the components is top quality, and based on that I didn’t hesitate buying products from Tackform again. I started driving truck and got tired of having cell phones flying all over the dash from the mint Pennsylvania roads . And having my gps screen moving all the time by itself . I now have my phones and gps all supported by tack form products and I wish I would’ve done it sooner . The attached picture may look too ‘busy’ but I have had zero issues so far . After going over many rough streets and stone roads throwing the entire truck all over the place , none of these mounts moved an inch .the suction cups are super strong and can be moved easy, as I played with them for a while to get everything in a good spot. . I would recommend tack form to anyone, and the customer service is outstanding . Thanks for a quality product

Michael T. (Philadelphia, US)
Seems Like The Right Buy

Everything seems good so far. Easy setup, stays adhered to the windshield, sliding holder mechanism is easy and sturdy.

I initially was hoping to place this on my dash versus the windshield, but it wouldn’t suction for my 2020 Honda HR-V.

One note for improvement/consideration: the sun can make the tackform very hot, like a seatbelt becomes in the car with sunlight. There’s a slight gap between the phone and the back of the holder so your phone isn’t quite against the heat, and there is a rubbery molding too but mainly seems there to not scratch the device. Maybe a less heat-absorbing material would be nice.

Overall, this is a good buy and your device will stay put.

Thomas M. (Clarks Summit, US)
Suction Cup Mount - 4.5" Modular Arm - Phone Holder

I purchased one of these mounts to hold my iPhone in a antique big truck. I just went on a 750 mile round trip (in a truck with 1970's vintage suspension) and the phone was rock solid the entire trip. Very happy with it! Sure beats the plastic one I was using!

Scott S. (Bolivar, US)
Great item

This is a great item especially for truck drivers! Very durable and once we bought ours all of the other drivers wanted one too! Thanks

EG (Newark, US)
Good quailty

Built to last .