Everything you need to know about mounting a bar mount to your handlebars.

Mounting a phone or device on your handlebars is a pretty easy task but there are some a few things to think about. 

1. How will your device be positioned on your motorcycle.

Rule of thumb is position your where the reflection of the phone is hitting your head or chest. This means there's no where in the sky the the sun or a bright light source can be and reflect directly in your face.  If you do this you're body will as as a shade from a the light source. All of our products with both a single or a double ball connection will 

2. What type of clamp do you need to mount one your motorcycle.

If you want to go right to the bars the main thing to consider is if you're looking to have your mount up there for an extended period time, which is most common, or of you're looking for a device you can quickly and swap from one bike to the next. 

Of course the ability to swap it from one bike to the next sounds awesome, there is a compromise. Adjustable clamps with a quick release knob come with a much larger footprint. And if you're anything like me, super particular, you'll want a mounting bracket designed specifically for the diameter of your bars. 

3. Are your bars tapered?

For tapered bars it's good to identify a spot straight spot to mount to. This is typically in the center near the riser, or closer to the grips, in hopes the brake and clutch cable don't interfere. If have have no real estate on the bar to mount to we have a couple options.

A. Mirror Mount. We have a first option that can clamp to the mirror post, common on scooters. We have a second option is the threaded ball mount that can mount into the mirror post hole, that will only work if you have this location available and mirror is not mounted there. Or the third and arguably best option the pinch bolt mirror mount. For this you'll remove the mirror, and reinstall it after sliding it through the pinch bolt ball. (See the Pinch Bolt Mirror Mount options for more details. 

B. Cross Bar - on occasion tapered bars may have a cross bar that you can mount to using our 3/8"-5/8" bar clamp. 

C. Brake / Clutch - May brake and clutch assemblies have two mounting holes in the front clamp facing the rider. If these are accessible you can mount a brake / clutch mount to this location.   

4. Do you have Non-Round or cast bars like on a Goldwing, BMW or CanAm? 

For Goldwing ( All years ) You'll simply go with our Brake / Clutch Mount. However for Can-Am and BMW you may want to go with a bike specific option. 

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