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Five Reason Tackform's Fast Track is out performing all other Ford dash brackets on the market.


You don't need to give the bracket a reach around with a tool to be able to install your mounting bases. Tackform's Fast Track has press-fit threaded inserts for super easy, fast, and frustration-free install. This saves a ton of time and when setting up or reorienting your mounting bases


Laser Fit - Our product is laser fit to provide a factory fit and finish. The textured Black Powder coated finish matches the factory color and texture of your Ford dashboard.


More Mounting Options - 3 AMPS adapter compatible with all the leading brands allowing mount three devices at once. Coming Soon: Integrated Fast Track allows you to mount up to 4 devices using Tackform's Fast Track Mounting Ball. 


Larger mounting footprint allows for super fast and reliable install using 3m VHB. Optional Hardware is included if you desire to do a traditional install where you have to remove the dash panel and use nuts and bolts. 


The Ford Fast Track™ Bracket is designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in the US of A*


Oh wait! There's more! Tackform offers a one-stop-shop and a full ecosystem of accessories for saving you time and energy on your setup whether your off-roading, racing your raptor, or need a reliable solution for your contracting fleet.

* The Fast Track™ itself is designed, fabricated, and supplied in the United States. Parts of the mounts for various devices are designed in the United States and mostly designed, fabricated, and supplied, while other parts are sourced from overseas suppliers.