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  • Vent mount for jeep wrangler JL
  • Jeep Wrangler JL Mount for Phone
  • Vent mount for jeep wrangler JL
  • Vent mount for jeep wrangler JL
  • Mount for Jeep Wrangler JL
  • Phone Mount for Jeep
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Enduro Series | 20MM
Aluminum Ball and Socket System
SKU: TF-BS-115

Air Vent Phone Mount for Jeep 2018 to Current JL, 4XE and Gladiator

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$39.00 USD
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$39.00 USD

➕ Jeep JL '18-21', 4XE & Gladiator JT Air Vent Mount | Offroam
➕ Maintains air vent airflow and functionality
➕ Easy 2 Minute Install
➕ 20mm Ball System
➕ Holds devices securely on all terrain




Base Vent Mount with 20mm Ball
Compatibility Jeep Wrangler Wrangler JL 2018-2021 - Jeep 4XE - Jeep Gladiator JT
Ball Size 20mm


Enduro Phone Cradle

Enduro Phone Cradle

The Enduro Phone Holder is solid, simple, and easy to use.

  1. CNC MACHINED ALUMINUM - The Tackform Enduro Phone Cradle has a sleek low profile design, precision machined out of 6061 Aluminum with a brushed aluminum finish to compliment the overall look of your vehicle.
  2. THE PERFECT GRIP - We've dialed in the perfect spring load on the cradle to allow for easy insertion and removal of your phone with a single hand.
  3. GGT "GRIP GAP TECHNOLOGY" - You will quickly notice the Enduro cradles octagon shaped grip design that will keep your phone positioned away from the spring loaded housing on the phone cradle. This design reduces the transfer of heat from the cradle to the phone. This is an important feature because Aluminum phone cradles will get hotter under the sun in vehicle dashboards in comparison to plastic cradles.
  4. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - This cradle will accommodate all phones between 2.5" and 3.4" wide and up to .5" Thick

Wireless Charger Phone Cradle

Wireless Qi Charger & Phone Holder

There's a lot of options out there for wireless chargers but here are a few features that sets us apart,

  1. THE SMART SENSOR - This product is equipped with a smart sensor and here is how it works. The arms start in the open position. Once a phone is inserted the smart sensor will detect it and the arms will automatically close, and your phone will begin to charge. When you want to remove your device you simply press the side button on the cradle and the arms open back up, and remain in that position until you re-insert your phone.
  2. FAST USB CHARGER INCLUDED - Our Wireless Charger comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Fast USB Charger.
  3. FOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION - This safety feature detects metal objects in or on the phone case that can lead to overheating. One classic example is when people try to use a wireless charger but still have a metal plate in the back of the phone that may have been used in the past for magnetic mounting.
  4. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - This cradle will accommodate all phones between 2-5/8" to 3-7/8 wide and up to .75" Thick

Magnetic Phone Cradle

Tackform Tomahawk Phone Cradle for Car

Compact magnetic mount for cars and trucks

  1. STRONG MAGNETS - The strong neodymium magnets will hold your device securly in most driving condetions.
  2. SINGLE HANDED OPERATION - Very easy to use and get your phone on and off the holder with a single hand.
  3. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with most phones, you can adhere the metal plate directly to the back of your phone or to any hard phone case. The plate doesn't adhere to silicon or soft cases, and it may interfere with your phone's magnetic charging if your phone has that feature.
  4. USABILITY - Great for most driving conditions, not recommended for off-roading, or rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matt M. (Doylestown, US)
Jeep Phone Mount

I went with this mount for my Jeep because it doesn't obstructed your view when driving. Once you clamp it into the vent you don't have to worry about it falling down and the adjustable arm is the perfect length so it's not in the way of any controls. I definitely recommend getting this.

Jose I. (Beaverton, US)

Simple and sturdy.

John (Greenville, US)

Finally a legit solution for Wranglers! Love the bracket! I was able to put it in a perfect position that is easily accessible and convenient. It does partially block one of the vents, but it still functions and works good enough! I definitely recommend!

Val S. (Kapolei, US)
Best Phone Holder ever!!!

The Tackform Phone holder is the best most sturdy phone holder I ever had. I do allot of off-roading and i never had any problems. The mount securely attaches to my jeep wrangler vent and its really durable and sturdy. I'm recommending this mount to all my jeep friends. Thank you for an awesome product.