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Freedom Cell Phone Bike Mount - A Secure Handlebar Phone Holder



The Tackform Freedom cell phone bike mount comes equipped with a universal and adjustable cell phone holder. It will work with all cell phones, small and large, in either landscape or portrait mode. It will comfortably hold any iPhone or smartphone ranging in size up to 3.6" inches in width. To help put this into perspective the plus size iPhones such as the 6 Plus and 7 Plus are only 3.07 inches wide. That being said, this phone holder will securely hold any smartphone onto your bike, even with large protective cases such as an Otterbox, LifeProof, or even large battery cases.

That clamp that attaches the mount to your handlebars will securely hold any bar from .75" to 1.3" in diameter. ( 19mm - 33mm ) This will cover most all handlebars on the market.  The unit itself is made if high strength automotive grade ABS Plastic and installation is a breeze. 

The Freedom comes with four silicone slings that will help keep your phone securely seated in the phone cradle on even the roughest of terrain.  You only need to use one but we offer a few extras as backup.

If you have any other compatibility questions please reach out. Just call, email, facebook message, whatever suits you. Our friendly support staff will respond as soon as possible. We may even available for live chat.

Installation time: Estimated 4 Minutes

Step 1. Sizing the cradle to securely fit your device. (One Time)

The phone cradle has two arms that hold the phone. You will find one arm is spring loaded and the other are is locked into place by a small thumbscrew on the back side of mount. Start by loosening that thumbscrew until the locking arm slides freely. It does not need to be loosened all the way. Just enough to unlock the arm. 

Once the arm is moving freely you will want to place your phone inside the cradle. After it's seated in the cradle you will want to gently squeeze the the arms together providing a secure grip on your device. While squeezing tighten the up the thumbscrew securely. If it's securely tightened you won't have to touch it again. This configuration provides just enough grip to hold the phone in place while you secure the phone into position with the silicone sling. If the grip is a little too loose for your liking, you can always tighten it up a notch or two. No need to over-tighten, the silicon sling is what secures the phone in position while riding.

Step 2. Attaching the bar clamp to your handlebars. (One Time)

Although thin, this clamp is made of a high strength automotive grade ABS Plastic. It's extremely durable. It's flexible, so don't worry about having to manipulate it a bit while trying to get it around the bars. 

Depending on the diameter of the bars you will want to add 1-3 spacers (included) in between the handlebar and clamp. There is an included Screw and Allen wrench so you will have everything you need for the installation.

Step 3. Get the perfect viewing angle. (One Time)

You will find a large tightening ring at the ball and socket joint. We recommend tightening this up enough that it will hold the phone in place but still allow you to turn the phone easily from landscape to portrait, or to adjust the viewing angle. If you ride on rough terrain you can also tighten up this connection to keep the phone from moving. Although, you will then have to loosen/tighten the ring later if you want to re-position the device.

Step 4. Phone in, Bands on, Ride off into the sunset.

At this time your mount should be installed securely on your motorcycle or bicycle. The cradle should be sized accordingly to your device. Place your phone into the cradle, then pull the bands over the corners of your device. Make sure your phone is positioned properly and securely in the holder. Ride off into the sunset. 

We understand that even though this product is designed to be universal you may want to know how well it will work specifically with your Bike, your Phone, and your Case. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll research your specific setup for you and respond back. 

Just let us know the make and model of your bike, phone, phone case, and we'll do the rest of the work for you.

Thanks in advance for your continued support!

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