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Freedom Cell Phone Bike Mount - A Secure Handlebar Phone Holder


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    The Tackform Freedom cell phone bike mount comes equipped with a universal and adjustable cell phone holder. It will work with all cell phones, small and large, in either landscape or portrait mode. It will comfortably hold any iPhone or smartphone ranging in size up to 3.6" inches in width. To help put this into perspective the plus size iPhones such as the 6 Plus and 7 Plus are only 3.07 inches wide. That being said, this phone holder will securely hold any smartphone onto your bike, even with large protective cases such as an Otterbox, LifeProof, or even large battery cases.

    That clamp that attaches the mount to your handlebars will securely hold any bar from .75" to 1.3" in diameter. ( 19mm - 33mm ) This will cover most all handlebars on the market. The unit itself is made if high strength automotive grade ABS Plastic and installation is a breeze.

    The Freedom comes with four silicone slings that will help keep your phone securely seated in the phone cradle on even the roughest of terrain. You only need to use one but we offer a few extras as backup.


    If you have any other compatibility questions please reach out. Just call, email, facebook message, whatever suits you. Our friendly support staff will respond as soon as possible. We may even available for live chat.

Tackform Freedom Bike Mount - Secure Mounting for Bikes and Motorcycles

The Freedom by Tackform is a simple mounting solution designed to not only work with your current phone and case but offers a large range of compatibilty to ensure that it works with your next generation model as well. Switching from a slim case to protective, protective to battery case, protective to slim? Whatever the case, the Freedom has got you covered.    With the ball and socket connector holding the bar clamp to the phone cradle you can conveniently position the phone mounted anywhere on the bars.

From fresh paved highway, to back country roads, to the heart of the woods, the Freedom will remain secured and keep your device accessable.
Great for GPS, Fitness Tracking Apps and Music.

Works with phones ranging from 2" - 3.6" Inches wide. Covering most all current smartphones including plus sized devices.Works on bars from .75" to 1.31" Inches in diameter. Covering most all bars on the market.Ball and Socket Joint for the perfect viewing angle as well as stem mounting.Works with Motorcycles, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, CycloCross, Fixed Gear, Fat Boy's and more.

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