Jeep Dashboard Center Bracket - JL 2018-2021 JT 2020-2021 (P/N FT03)

➕ Fast Track Device Mounting System
➕ Industry Standard AMPS Hole Pattern

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Car Compatibility JL 2018-2021 JT 2020-2021
Material Steel
32 oz


Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount | Jeep Gladiator Phone Mount

The Fast Track device mounting system for Jeep JL Series (2018+) Wranglers and the Jeep Gladiator. The heart of the system is our steel bracket which is powder-coated black for a seamless OEM look.

The innovation comes in the form of two different mounting options. First, it offers five industry-standard AMPS hole pattern mounting locations. In addition, it has two sections of Tackform’s Fast Track mounting slot.

The two different mounting options allow you to fully customize the device layout of your vehicle. We have a variety of pre-built kits that are ready to attach to this bracket as well as over 50 different components that can be mixed and matched for a fully customized setup.



Wireless Qi Charger & Phone Holder

There's a lot of options out there for wireless chargers but here are a few features that set's us apart,

  1. THE SMART SENSOR - This product is equipped with a smart sensor and here is how it works.
    The arms start in the open position. Once a phone is inserted the smart sensor will detect it and the arms will automatically close, and your phone will begin to charge. When you want to remove your device you simply press the side button on the cradle and the arms open back up, and remain in that position until you re-insert your phone. 
  2. THE POWER CAPACITOR - The problem with some Smart Sensor QI mounts is once you turn the car off, you can't remove the phone. Our Wireless charger is equipped with a Power Capacitor that will allow you to open and close the grips on the cradle multiple times, even after the car is powered off, which keeps the convenience of wireless charging, convenient. 
  3. DUAL USB FAST CHARGER INCLUDED - Our Wireless Charger comes with a DUAL USB Fast Charger. One port is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is the minimum output required to unlock the full potential and speed of a wireless charger. There is an additional Charging port to charge a secondary device. 
  4. FOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION - This safety feature detects metal objects in or on the phone case that can lead to overheating.  One classic example is when people try to use a wireless charger but still have a metal plate in the back of the phone that may have been used in the past for magnetic mounting. 
  5. 5. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - This cradle will accommodate all phones between 2-5/8" to 3-7/8 wide and up to .75" Thick


Tomahawk Phone Holder

The Tomahawk Phone Holder is hands down the best spring-loaded cradle on the market. Here are a few reasons why. 

  1. ADJUSTABLE SPRING TENSION -  This cradle has adjustable spring tension which allows you in increase or decrease the grip strength on your device. This also allows for easy single-handed insertion and removal of the phone, regardless of how narrow or wide it is. 
  2. INJECTION MOLDED GRIPS - You'll notice many of the metal cradles out on the market have rubber grips adhered to the inside of the cradle, which can, and will, peel off in high heat. This is a common issue with many of the competitor products. You don't have to worry about that with this cradle.  Our grips are injection molded and clip into the cradle for a fail-proof design that will last a lifetime. 
  3. DEEPER GRIPS - Our patent-pending Tomahawk® cradle features grips that are .6" deep. This accommodates most phone cases, even the big protective cases such as Otterbox Defenders and credit card style cases. 
  4. BETTER BUILT - We've reviewed all "like" holders on the market and we'll flat out say, this is built better. For starters, these style phone holders have pins that run through the housing to support the spring-loaded grip.  We use 4 Pins that are stainless steel, and a large 5mm in diameter. 
  5. The competitors are only using 2 pins, and some measured as small as 2mm in diameter, which is a lower cost/lower quality alternative. 
  6. We'll say it one more time. The Tomahawk is built better.
  7. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - This cradle will accommodate all phones between 2.5" and 3.6" wide and up to .6" Thick

Tablet Holder


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony C. (Prairie Grove, US)
Incredible Mounting System for Electronic Devices

This one gets 5 stars because it checks off everything on the list. Quality, workmanship, finish, strength, flexibility, ease of installation... Seriously impressed with how easy it was to install. Love the finish as it matches the dash very well. Looks like it can accommodate up to 5 devices. I will be adding the additional mounts for a Go Pro and tablet (used for offroad navigation) and I have no doubt that it will be up to the task. Shown in the attached pictures with the new Tomahawk Phone mounts that are equally incredible and hold our phones firmly in place. No need to look any further for a mounting system for Jeep JL or Jeep Gladiator. You will not be disappointed!

Charles L. (Biloxi, US)

This is an amazing holder. I replaced two lesser units in my jeep with these. I like being able to customize the tension on the mount with the additional springs if I want. The rubber pads that hold the phone on place are great.

Highly recommended.

Mark (Les Abymes, GP)
The Real Deal

This mount is the only one I have found that is sturdy enough to roll in my Jeep Wrangler. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a commercial grade mount that will not break the bank.

Robert T. (Chicago, US)
The only Jeep mount

I have tried everything to mount a phone in my Jeep, this product is the only thing that has worked, and it looks great in my Jeep. It actually makes that space on the dash useful highly recommended!