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Magnetic Phone Holder | Suction Cup


  • Oversized 3" suction cup with Tackform's Soft-Tack suction technology providing a suction grip you can count on.
  • 2 points of articulation allowing for a wide range of adjustability to achieve the perfect viewing angle
  • This magnetic cradle utilizes high strength neodymium magnets to provide a secure grip on your device. 
  • This compact design creates a rigid and durable mounting solution.
  • Installs on both windshields and hard surfaced vehicle dashboards. Do not use on soft surfaced or leather dash.
  • Comes with extra metal plates (3 total) allowing for use with 3 devices.

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Customer Reviews

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Magnetic Phone Holder | Suction Cup

So awesome

I'm so surprised at how easy this thing is for me! I tend to complicate everything.. but getting in and out of the car finding my phone is no longer an issue for me.

Best for hands free

Bought a new car and had to have this again ... best product to give you the hands free function.

5 stars

So simple - so practice- so helpful

I love the magnet

Once I found the perfect spot in my car I installed it and it hasn't even budged. I really like the magnet concept. It makes driving with GPS much more enjoyable.

Great mount

The suction cup is amazing. I like the magnetic idea as well, it's worked really well for me. I've got this setup in my truck and one on my boat.

Magnetic is in

Everyone should use magnetic everything. It's so eassyyy!

Burn the crap :poop:

I'm so glad I went threw with this purchase. If it were up to me, I'd burn all the crap mounts out there that don't actually stick to the windshield and only market this one. I'm also a huge fan of the magnetic idea, it's the first time I've used it and it's literally the easiest thing ever


What a great mount

5 stars! Awesome price!

I've converted to everything magnetic because of this mount. Even in my home! It's SO much easier than having to use two hands to get whatever device in or out. I found that having to use two hands was pulling on the suction, and it would come lose in no time. This mount has a super strong suction cup, and it's so easy! Great price for what it is and what it does.


Let customers speak for us

1803 reviews

Great product!!! It's solid, strong. That's the best I've seen so far.

Looks Good!!

I plan on using this for my commutes with my road bike. The quality and material look and feels top-notch . I'm pretty sure this product should exceed my expectations. It also attached to my handles with zero problems and you can adjust to mount in different ways. So far so good! I would recommend for others to give it a try

Not just for motorcycles! Mountain bikes also!

I saw the video with the bowling ball drop and that sold me. I figured I have gone through several plastic holders on my mountain bike with varying degrees of success and failures! If this holder was as good as advertised I would be a happy cyclist. Tackform did not disappoint and if anything surpassed expectations in a major way! I ride the the Colonial Parkway in Williamsburg, VA which is tiny rock cobblestones and the vibration is killer! My Tackform holder hold my iPhone Xs Max firmly and solidly...SWEET! Oh by the way looks pretty bad ass on my bike to boot! I am happy to be a member of the amazing TackForm family!!

Put it to the test.

Just did 742 miles with this mount and not a single problem. Mount makes it very easy to grab your phone when you have to dismount or take a quick picture. I have own a couple of different mounts, by far this is the best one. Thanks

Great mount!

I used it for a set I performed at a music festival on a mic stand I never used before. It fit perfectly and I could adjust the angle so I could see the screen without looking down at it all the time. I use a thick case on my iPad 9.7 pro and it still fit just fine case and all.