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Tackform Enduro Phone Cradle Holder for 1 Inch Ball - Ram Compatible



Tackform's Enduro Phone Cradle with 1 Inch Ball adapter is the ultimate upgrade to any RAM setup. The ball adapter can be secured to either the back of the phone cradle or the bottom. Doubling the versatility, range of motion and mounting location options. The secure grip allow you easily get the phone in and out with a single hand.

Built to outlast you. 

This product is delivered as two separate pieces. 

1 - Phone Cradle

2 - 1 Inch Ball with 1/4-20 Mounting Screw

The first step is deciding which of the two location options you would like to connect the mounting ball. This varies depending on the type of bike what best suits your viewing preference.

Once you have select back mounted or bottom mounted you will want to connect the ball adapter to the cradle via the 1/4-20" screw connected to the ball. You will want to make sure this is securely tightened to ensure there is zero phone movement while riding. Next you will want to fully tighten the tightening ring to where the rubber pad on the tightening ring has a secure grip on the back of the cradle. This is a secondary fastening measure used to secure the two parts together for safe riding. If you do not intend to ever change the mounting position of the ball connector you may use an epoxy to connect the parts permanently. 

Next you will connect this as you would to any one inch ball clamp. 

Lastly, ride off into the sunset.

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