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Suction Cup Phone Holder | Ultra Grip | Great for Phone and GPS


  • Universal and adjustable cell phone cradle holds all smartphones devices from 2" to 3.6" in width. This covers all smartphones on the market.
  • Oversized 3" suction cup with Tackform's Soft-Tack suction technology providing a suction grip you can count on.
  • 2 points of articulation allowing for a wide range of adjustability to achieve the perfect viewing angle
  • This compact design creates a rigid and durable mounting solution.
  • Installs on both windshields and hard surfaced vehicle dashboards. Do not use on soft surfaced or leather dash.

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Customer Reviews

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Phone holder


My truck mount

I’ve used product and it’s very reliable!!!


Living in NH I’ve always had issues with suction mounts during the winter. This mouth sticks to the windshield and doesn’t budge at all during extreme temperature changes. Awesome product! Highly recommend!


Awesome product, Excellent quality and the best customer service ever.
highly recommend it to everyone looking for a product like.


Awesome product, Excellent quality and the best customer ever.


I was thrilled when I put this product to use. This thing mounts to my dashboard very securely through suction. And get this -- the surface of my dashboard is not smooth, but textured!

What makes this different from regular suction mounts is the suction cup is sticky. Mind you, the stickiness is not due to adhesive; the rubbery material of the suction cup is characteristically sticky. If it looses its stickiness due to excessive dust or dirt sticking to it, simply wash it and it will be sticky again!

The maximum width of the clamp is adjustable. The clamp will fit the biggest phone or phablets with screen sizes of 6-inches or LARGER.

The ball-and-socket joint makes adjusting the viewing angle of your phone quick and easy. You phone can be very quickly mounted on and dismounted from the spring-loaded clamp. The quality and construction of this mount is impeccable. I'm very, very impressed -- and pleased! Highly, highly recommended!

Finally, a perfect holder!

've bought a bracketron holder twice and twice the arms broke (and it would often be found on the floor of my truck because of cold or heat). It was the only one I could find that held my phone with cases, and I'd tolerate putting it on my windshield to keep it from falling (which I'm not a fan of). I also had to use 2 hands to operate it, but it was the only one I could find that would hold my phone with case and wasn't a vent holder. I wasn't buying a 3rd one, and wasn't sure about this new gadget after SEVERAL other filed brands I've tried (magnetic, vent, etc). I was a little scared about the larger suction cup not working where I wanted it to fit on my truck. The entire assembly looked like it was going to be too big/clunky in general. Well, with a year warranty, I felt I didn't have anything to lose. I'm beyond impressed. There are THREE points of tightening this for PERFECT secure positioning. It's not too big or in my way like I feared and ONE HAND operation taking phone in/out and would hold any case I'd put on my phone. This thing hasn't THOUGHT about falling from where I placed it, even though the mounting disc I already had is smaller than the one the company sends with the holder, even with my beautiful TX heat. I'm so glad I gave it a chance.


THE MOST OUTSTANDING MOUNT ON THE MARKET. Tackform continues to come out with great products. I now only exclusively buy phone mounts/filming gear through Tackform. This mount is built with QUALITY. It is extremely rugged, has great hold on glass, and my phone doesn't slip and slide. I used this mount to film a project for school and I received professional looking results. This is my 4th Tackform product and I am THRILLED. I will continue to buy from this awesome company as long as they keep making products.

Ultra Grip

It was a random purchase and ended up loving it

5 stars

I'm always in the heat and it has never failed me. I love it.


Let customers speak for us

1789 reviews
Looks Good!!

I plan on using this for my commutes with my road bike. The quality and material look and feels top-notch . I'm pretty sure this product should exceed my expectations. It also attached to my handles with zero problems and you can adjust to mount in different ways. So far so good! I would recommend for others to give it a try

Not just for motorcycles! Mountain bikes also!

I saw the video with the bowling ball drop and that sold me. I figured I have gone through several plastic holders on my mountain bike with varying degrees of success and failures! If this holder was as good as advertised I would be a happy cyclist. Tackform did not disappoint and if anything surpassed expectations in a major way! I ride the the Colonial Parkway in Williamsburg, VA which is tiny rock cobblestones and the vibration is killer! My Tackform holder hold my iPhone Xs Max firmly and solidly...SWEET! Oh by the way looks pretty bad ass on my bike to boot! I am happy to be a member of the amazing TackForm family!!

Put it to the test.

Just did 742 miles with this mount and not a single problem. Mount makes it very easy to grab your phone when you have to dismount or take a quick picture. I have own a couple of different mounts, by far this is the best one. Thanks

Great mount!

I used it for a set I performed at a music festival on a mic stand I never used before. It fit perfectly and I could adjust the angle so I could see the screen without looking down at it all the time. I use a thick case on my iPad 9.7 pro and it still fit just fine case and all.

Satisfied Customer

Appreciate all Nick did for me to get my Enduro mount quickly at no extra charge and threw in extra screws as well as special ball adapter to use with my gps. Great product. Just returned from almost 4000 mile trip with no issues. Highly recommend. Thanks Nick.