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Finally! A Phone Mount worthy of my Harley!

I just bought a new Harley Heritage Classic 114 and the last thing I wanted on it was a cheaply made, plastic piece of garbage to mount my expensive iPhone 7 to the handlebars! I needed a reliable way to hold my iPhone to use the GPS. I searched the internet for 2 weeks until I finally found this exceptional phone mount. I am so impressed by how well it works! It’s made of high quality aluminum and steel, bolts on easily and is incredibly secure on my handlebars. I was searching for a mount that is extremely secure (phone won’t fall out), will work with a phone that already has a case on it and where the phone can easily and quickly be inserted and removed from the mount. I can install or remove my iPhone from the mount with one gloved hand! Since I installed the mount I have ridden over 400 miles and did not bother to add the rubber safety strap. It’s not necessary. I watched the mount closely for signs of slippage but there was ABSOLUTELY NO SLIPPAGE! This mount holds the phone exactly where you put it! I cannot say enough good things about this mount. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! The only thing I’m disappointed about is that it took me so long to find it!

Word To The Wise

Finally .. ( found ) ___’ tackform ‘___ ! . ! . !

The reliable , high quality , suction cup that now
holds my $500 Dash Cam to my windshield .
My solution is the ..
__ ENDURO Series ~ TFEN-0201-GPB __
The components ::

* Anodized aluminum base
* Auto Grade ABS plastic connectors
* SS Screws
* Thick sticky rubber suction cup

Looks ..&.. works like military grade hardware

To a clean windshield it _HOLDs_ super tight

Nick .. listened to my needs ..&.. concerns
for my application _&_ suggested the above suction cup .. which exceeds ALL the other
..’OnLine’.. offering(s)

For a sincerely professional and personable
buying experience .. Nick is your “Go-2-Guy”

For ah quarter century I’ve sold maintenance hardware to mechanics ( fine folks who keep
all kinds of stuff we all depend on .. WORK-N )

Nick’s __’ STUFF ‘ __ • “WORKS” • ! . ! . !
Mark Colvin __________

Solid, Gets the Job Done

This thing is incredibly solid. I use it in my jeep wrangler for search and rescue. I regularly hit off road areas and count on this to hold my iPad solididly with all my mapping software. If there's any downside, I wish the arm was just a few inches longer, but that's mostly just due to where I had to mount it, which wasn't optimal. It grabs very solidly and doesn't bounce too much. If you need a product to do that kind of job, this will get it done.


I spend a lot of time in the mountains and back country of the southwest. I use a tablet for navigation and tracking my travels. The large screen makes it much easier to see fine details on maps and Google Earth images. This holder is perfect for the rough conditions I encounter. Installation was a snap. Only took 10 minutes total, including reading the instructions and selecting the right combo of holder legs for my LG tablet. The unit is well designed and well made. The rod inside the gooseneck is solid aluminum. Very solid. Some people may complain that it's difficult to bend to the correct position for their vehicle. That's a reason why the product doesn't vibrate much. The various options for installing it should accommodate any vehicle. I do suggest measuring the distance from the mounting point to where you want your tablet to be. I was going to order the 18" unit, but after checking where things would end up in my SUV I realized that 18" would be too short. The 22" unit was just right. The vendor got the item to me in 4 days with standard shipping, another plus! So I got a great product with great service at a fair price. It doesn't get any better!

The Quintessential iPad Floor Mount

Very sturdy gooseneck. Excellent spring-loaded clamping. Fit my iPad cloaked in an Otterbox case without issue. Subject to shaking, which was solved using zip-ties. Took 5 minutes to install, another 5 minutes to diagnose and correct the shaking, and 5 minutes to figure out I was using the wrong "feet" to grip my iPad. Overall, very pleased with it. If it breaks I'll buy another one just like it.