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  • Ipad and Android Tablet Holder Drill Base
  • Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount for Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Tablet Mount for Truck. Works for iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Other Tablets
  • Heavy Duty Tablet Mount for Truck
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Enduro Series | 20MM
Aluminum Ball and Socket System

AMPS Drill Base Mount | 7" Modular Arm | Tablet Holder | 20mm Ball System

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$49.99 USD
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$49.99 USD

⭕️  Universal Heavy Duty Tablet Mount for Trucks
⭕️  Commercial Grade Design & Construction
⭕️  Deep grips for a secure hold with Protective Cases
⭕️  Superb range of motion



    Tackform Tablet Mount for Trucks

    Our Philosophy: Simply put, customers talk and we listen. Truck drivers need reliable, rock-solid, ELD compatible tablet mounts for commercial trucking.  This drill base tablet mount for truck is part of our semi-truck and fleet collection. For more mount options, please check out our Fleet\Truck collection page. 

    Device Compatibility: This will hold it all. The tablet cradle will accommodate most tablets. The cradle accommodates tablets with screen sizes between 7" and 18.4".

    If your simply measure length and width vs screen size, this will accommodate tablets between 6.25" and 11.5" wide/tall. This mount is the perfect iPad truck mount. It is compatible with Apple iPad Pro 12.9. iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. iPad 4. iPad3. iPad 2. Galaxy Note 10.1. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Google Pixel C. Nexus 10. and Nexus 9. LG G Pad 10.1. Sony Xperia Tablet Z4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Microsoft Surface Pro. Nintendo Switch. 

    Better connection: Our tablet mounts offer a more reliable connection using AMPS Mounting plate allows for quick semi-permanent connection to the back of the tablet. This is far superior connection type compared to the common Dual-T style connections. We understand there is no one size fits all solution. With TRUCK DRIVERS we developed a solution that will accommodate a wide range of vehicles. One that will mount in many vehicles. Important: Use caution and consult a mobile install professional to avoid drilling into any highly sensitive components.

    Mounting VersatilityBetween the drill base and the cradle is our modular arm with aluminum 20mm ball and socket connections creating a full range of motion in addition to the locking elbow joint in between them. This metal arm configuration allows easy repositioning, along with a ROCK SOLID, vibration free hold.

    Quality Assurance: Tackform's Enduro Series products are reliability tested to ensure the product will withstand conditions such as vibration, temperature, humidity, extreme heat, and extreme cold. Our testing and quality assurance make this the best tablet mount for the road.

    Industries Served: Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading, and Overlanding to name a few.


Customer Reviews

Based on 382 reviews
Israel M. (Fontana, US)
Trucking life

So far its holding out really good, haven’t drop the tablet through some rough roads. very satisfied with the product it holds the tablet nice and tight.

Dugger O.a.S.T.L. (Jersey City, US)

Satisfied once I first installed it

Mac (Fresno, US)
Great winner

OK I was skeptical about this product, however given the price...a bit more than I wanted to pay, I wanted something that worked though. So I got this. Installed easy, set it, popped in my 10" tablet landscape mode. Now the reason for 4 stars, it would be 4.5 but the test drive I did in my truck, the tablet did some tilting and some drooping so the socket and ball don't REALLY lock into place per say, if they had teeth then they would. Most likely a small piece of sandpaper would do the trick on the ball. That said I used a pair of needle nose pliers with tape on the jaws to give the lock nuts an extra twist, they didn't break LOL. I went and did the same test drive it held up just fine. Tomorrow will be the test I have to drive 8 hours over some rough roads....IF there is no update to this review, then it went well. I would recommend.

Ash D. (Charlotte, US)
Galaxy Tab for Navigation

Bought this with a backing plate for a Polaris RZR. Mounted it to the dash. Required a little drilling of course but, I am very pleased. Very sturdy and grips the tablet firmly.

Tremayne J. (Philadelphia, US)
Love my Mount

This is TRULY a breath of fresh air and i just enjoy the strong support it has to offer can't wait to purchase my next Rig and another Tackform Mount to go with it.