Garmin Mounts for Vehicle, Truck and Motorycle

Searching for the right mount for your Garmin?

Garmin is an industry leading  GPS manufacturer with solutions for a wide range of applications. Finding the right Garmin mount for your vehicle, truck, or motorcycle, however, could be daunting. 

Garmin devices have 4 common mounting interfaces. 17mm ball & socket, 22mm ball and socket, 4 hole AMPS, and 2 hole diamond.

Garmin Small Ball -17mm Ball and Socket System - This is a common interface with vehicle GPS devices. You'll notice a socket on the back of your GPS Unit where you can pop in a 17mm ball.  Our ball however, is slightly larger than 17 mm to a snug fit with your device. 

Garmin Big Ball - 22mm (approx) Ball and Socket Systems - The 22mm ball and socket system is becoming more common on the larger GPS devices often found in commercial trucking. Our ball however, is slightly larger than Garmin standard to a snug fit with your device. This is found commonly on device such as the RV 890 and other RV and dezl devices. 

4 Hole AMPS Connection - You'll find this on 4 Holes AMPS Interface more commonly on motorcycle GPS units like the Garmin Zumo. The mounting holes won’t be on the Garmin itself, rather on powered holster that the GPS clips into. This can also be found on  other Garmin units for Truck and Fleet. Some Garmin Units like the Aera 660 and Aera 760 have an AMPS mounting interface.

*2 Hole Diamond Pattern* - Although Garmin devices do not connect directly to the industry standard 2 hole diamond pattern, you will find a lot of aftermarket holsters that will cradle your Garmin, and these come equipped with the 2 hole industry standard Diamond mounting pattern. 

Last but not least, Tackform, first and foremost, is a parts manufacturer and offers the largest ecosystem of 20mm ball and socket accessories on the market. If you don’t see a specific configuration of Base, Arm, and Holder you are looking for please reach out to and we’ll get you dialed in.

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