AMPS Drill Base Mount | 7" Modular Arm | Tablet Holder | 20mm Ball System

⭕️  Compatible with all tablets
⭕️  Commercial grade design & construction
⭕️  Deep grips for a secure hold
⭕️  Superb range of motion

Truck drivers always needed a reliable, rock-solid, ELD compatible tablet mount. We did exactly that. 


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    Tackform Tablet Mount for Trucks

    Our Philosophy: Simply put, we turn our customers' wishes and feedbacks into products. Truck drivers always needed a reliable, rock-solid, spring-loaded, ELD compatible tablet mount for commercial truck. We did exactly that. This drill base tablet mount for truck is part of our Fleet\Truck mounting solutions. For more mount options, please check out our Fleet\Truck collection page. 


    Device Compatibility: This will hold it all. The tablet cradle will accommodate most tablet. The screen size should be between 7" and 18.4". Or tablets with a width between 6.25" and 11.5". This mount is the perfect iPad truck mount. It is compatible with Apple iPad Pro 12.9. iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. iPad 4. iPad3. iPad 2. Galaxy Note 10.1. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Google Pixel C. Nexus 10. and Nexus 9. LG G Pad 10.1. Sony Xperia Tablet Z4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Microsoft Surface Pro. Nintendo Switch. 

    Installation: AMPS Mounting plate allows for quick semi-permanent installation for any flat surface. We understand there is no one size fits all solution. With TRUCK DRIVERS we developed a solution that will accommodate a wide range of vehicles. One that will mount in many vehicles. Important: Use caution and consult a mobile install professional to avoid drilling into any highly sensitive components.

    Mounting VersatilityBetween the suction cup and the cradle is our modular arm with a hardened aluminum ball connector at each end allowing two connectors a full range of motion in addition to the locking elbow joint in between them. This metal arm configuration allows easy repositioning, along with a ROCK SOLID, vibration free hold.

    Quality Assurance: Tackform Enterprise Series products are reliability tested to ensure the product will withstand conditions such as vibration, temperature, humidity, extreme heat, and extreme cold. Our testing and quality assurance make this the best tablet mount for the road.

    Industries Served: Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading, and Overlanding to name a few.


Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Great product

Got it installed in my truck, I’m a truck driver and having a tablet with easy access it’s a must I’m able to control 2-3 GPSs and watch whatever video while waiting my load, sitting on a comfortable position. The standard really does the job as promised, the only suggestion I’d like to to is send some extra screws, The ones we get the base attached to the dash. Other than that, I approve it with a 100% score. Due the holidays the shipment took a little longer, but when getting in touch with the company, they promptly answered me back and gave me a better update, which I personally consider an outstanding customer service.

Great Mount!

I own a 4Runner. While it is a great vehicle the mounting options for tablets are limited. I have this tablet set up along with a platform from ICS Fabrication. This is a great combination that is sturdy and built for off-road use and abuse. It also allows me to keep the iPad low enough to not block my forward view. I also have a mount for my InReach Mini. New phone mount on order!


I like the device, it holds the iPad 10.5 in well, I have a proposal to make the upper interchangeable corners, which have the shape of "Г", to make in the shape of "C". on a rough road, ipad slips out of them.



That was fantastic good stuff

Five 🌟 good customer support. And I appreciate you for the refund