Motorcycle Holder Selection Tips

Selecting a holder.

For Phones - Tackform has two different type of phone holder styles. The Enduro Cradle is a compact high spring tension design available in both Standard or Vibration Dampening.  Vibration dampening is only designed to prevent damage on sensitive component on iPhones. This can however in some environments adversely affect the viewing of the phone. Although the stabilizing does protect the camera it can create more visible movement on the screen then a rigid mount. For this reason, if you have an Android or non-iPhone most people typically prefer the standard cradle rather than the vibration dampening. 

If you're looking for a phone mount with wireless charging it's recommended you go with our Adventure cradle. This is designed for the roughest of terrain and abuse. 

Tuners or Garmin Zumo - For these devices you will want to go with our AMPS holder. You may notice on the back of your Zumo charging station 4 holes in a rectangle pattern. Those holes are the industry standard AMPS pattern. 

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