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Enduro Series | 20MM
Aluminum Ball and Socket System

Pinch Bolt Mount | Thru Hole Accepts 5/16" or M8 Screw | 20mm Ball

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$12.99 USD
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$12.99 USD

Aluminum Stud with 20mm Ball. Thru Hole accommodates 5/16" or 8mm bolt.

Customer Reviews

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Todd K. (Greensboro, US)
Review of TrackForm Pinch Bolt Mount | Thru Hole Accepts 5/16" or M8 Screw | 20mm Ball

TrackForm was the only company that had exactly what I was looking for! The Price was excellent and Shipping was quick! I went back to their site to buy more 20mm accessories. I highly recommend this Company, since their Product Selection is phenomenal!

Jason F. (Charleston, US)

We run a Jeep Wrangler off road and extreme rocks... these mounts are everything you are looking for and more

JAY (Elk Grove, US)
Very good quality Aluminum ball.

Will buy again. Thx u

Andy (Charlotte, US)
20mm Ball Enduro Series - 8mm thru hole

Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with this mount. It is very nicely made and I appreciate that it's all aluminum.

I think my issue is that I was expecting more out of it than it is capable of, in my very specific situation. This would probably be the perfect solution if: 1. I used the correct size M8 bolt and 2. If It was securely mounted to a threaded metal base.

My plan was to use this, a M6 threaded bolt and washer to mount this in an existing threaded hole somewhere on or near the dash of my vehicle. The issue is the M6 coupled with the washer work to hold this in place but do not keep enough tension on the ball to keep it from rotating with the weight of the mount and arm I'm using. "They make a M6 mounting ball!" you say? True! but it has a completely different, wider base that will not fit where this one does. If they made a M6 one exactly like this one I would've ordered it. As it sits now when my car hits a bump the entire phone/mount goes flopping forwards or backwards depending on what mood it's in. The mount is solid to the ball but the ball can rotate on the smaller-than-designed-for bolt. Really the problem is with my execution of install and not the product but I wish they made this exact mount for M6... just mill the hole smaller?

Brian D. (Castle Rock, US)
Great customer service

I am very satisfied with the cell phone mount I received from Tackform. The staff really worked hard to figure out exactly what I needed and what would look good on my scooter.