Arm | Double Ball | 17mm to 20mm | Aluminum

Connect your existing Tackform Enduro Mount to your Garmin or other 17mm compatible holder quickly and easily with our All aluminum 20mm to 17mm Ball Adapter.

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First class components. Brilliant customer service.

This double ball arm (17mm to 20mm) is one of several components recently purchased. The arm facilitates mounting my Garmin GPS to the windscreen of my 2009 Land Rover Defender without having to rely on the undersized, plastic Garmin suction mount that regularly drops off. Another Tackform product you can rely on.

Work Perfect.

I like it...


I love it. I custom Myself for desk use. Wireless charge. Thx u tackform.
But not cheap! Everything together prices around $80-90. Depending add longer extension $15 mores lol. My family like it.

Tackform makes excellent products

This is the second mount for my second mtn bike, and as with the first one, everything is perfect. This is the only mount that works for my Palm Phone and it's tiny dimensions. Solid as a rock!! Thanks for your great customer care and gear.

Does The Job.

The Double Ball Adapter did what it was supposed to do. It allowed me to mount a different phone holder to the Enduro Phone Mount I installed on my Goldwing. The only issue I had is that the adapter balls are perfectly smooth. This allowed the holder to shift position if I hit a bump in the road or accidentally hit the phone. I couldn’t tighten it up enough to prevent that (I didn’t want to take pliers to it.). The ball on my Enduro Mount has small machined lines in it. That sucker stays put when tightened.
A quick history: I tried a different phone mount because the case on my phone didn’t quite fit in the jaws of the Enduro holder, so I use the included sling. The new holder didn’t fit much better. I should have gotten the larger holder, but they were both sent to me for free, so I can’t complain.
The Enduro Mount is incredibly well built and I highly recommend it. Even though my issue wasn’t solved the way I wanted. TackForm’s customer service is the BEST! I hope TackForm increases the depth of the Enduro Mount jaws by 1/4 inch below the phone grips. That would make it perfect.