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Suction Cup Mount | 10.5" Modular Arm | Phone Holder

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ABOUT US - Tackform, headquartered in Chicago, IL,  believes that quality products should last a lifetime. In a world filled with low cost, short lived, quick fix mounting solutions, we chose to stand apart by manufacturing and selecting products designed to endure the roughest of conditions.  Our Enterprise Series products are here to serve many industries including Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading and Overlanding to name a few. Tackform’s Enterprise Series products are back by a 3 year warranty.

THE SUCTION CUP -  Our beast of a suction cup measures in at 3.5” in diameter. The pad is molded using all name brand and premium quality resins to ensure a secure hold in harsh weather conditions. With TRUCK DRIVERS in mind we developed a suction pad that will last with regular relocation from one vehicle to another. In the event to suction pad gets damaged or wears down over time, the Tackform pad is easily replaceable.

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY - Our all ALUMINUM cradle is coupled with an industrial stainless steel springs. This will comfortably and securely hold all devices up to 3.4” Wide. This includes all iPhones including Plus Sized Devices.

MOUNTING POSITION VERSATILITY - Between the suction cup and the cradle is our modular arm with a hardened aluminum ball connector at each end allowing two connectors a full range of motion in addition to the locking elbow joint in between them. This metal arm configuration allows easy repositioning, along with a ROCK SOLID, vibration free hold.

INDUSTRIES SERVED - Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading, Overlanding, Big Rig, Soccer Moms Welcome.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tom H. (Colorado Springs, US)
10.5” suction cup phone mount

I drive a heavy truck, it travels on rough roads and I needed a mount I could rely on. I’ve bought a motorcycle mount from Tackform previously and I cant say enough about the quality of the materials. Got the 10.5” to reach out past the dash from the windshield in the truck. It’s a perfect length for the T880 Kenworth I drive. Quality is just as I expected. Two thumbs up. It’s not a cheap plastic mount so don’t expect to pay that price. But you wont have to keep buying the cheap ones all the time ether. Excellent mount!

Mr B.R.
Big Rig Drivers Must Have

I drive a tractor trailer and I’ve been searching for a very durable phone holder. This is the best I ever owned.

The material and quality of this product is very sturdy (no cheap plastic here). It holds up very well. The suction is round and it actually mounts on the surface of my dashboard without having to mount it on my window. When I’m done driving a long 12 hour day I dismount it from my truck and it is the absolute easiest. No more fighting to rip the suction off the surface and it does not leave a sticky residue.

Anyone who drives big rigs this is a must have. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with a very thick case and it’s pretty heavy and it fits in the holder flawlessly without sliding out. The phone does shake minimally while driving but that’s not Tackforms fault that’s just how it is driving a big rig. The fact that it does not fall off when I’m on bumpy terrain is very impressive. I’m glad I went with the 10.5” I can have my phone secured away from direct sunlight and I can easily access it safely without having to reach and extend so far to grab my phone.

When I pack it up at the end of day I shove it in my back pack and it fits perfectly without having to undo the articulating pieces. It stays the way you like without moving.

This is an absolute must have.. This modular arm holds up well and is made with precision . No cheap plastic materials. Well done. Money well spent.

Juan H.

Suction Cup Mount | 10.5" Modular Arm | Phone Holder

Mark S. (Nashville, US)
The best

I’ve always looked at window mount phone holders in the past but for the price they always seem so cheap. This one is perfect. Mostly metal so it’s super sturdy. Also long enough to extend over the dash of my truck. No complaints and highly recommended.

Kevin P. (Marco Island, US)
Reliable Mount

Solidly built mount, but even at it's tightest will move when placing your phone one-handed. Not a lot, but noticable. Has stayed mounted the last two weeks without a problem.