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Magnetic Phone Holder | 3.5" Aluminum Arm

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➕ Enduro Series™
➕ Omni-Directional Device Positioning
➕ Magnetic Phone Holder
 3.5" Dual Articulating Tubular Arm

Holder Compatibility The magnetic mount metal plate can be attached to devices' flat surfaces.
Arm Length 3.5" 
Holder Material  Plastic
Arm and Base Material  Base Metal | Arm Aluminum 


Enduro Series™ 
The Tackform Enduro Series™ is our offers a variety of device mounts that are reliability tested to ensure withstanding conditions such as vibration, temperature, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

Omni-Directional Device Positioning
Full articulation allows you to use your device in both portrait, landscape, orientations, and everything in between.

Magnetic Phone Holder
This magnetic phone holders for cars utilizes high strength neodymium magnets to provide a secure grip on your device.

3.5" Dual Articulating Tubular Arm
Dual articulating ball and socket arm featuring lightweight combined with a superior range of motion.

Magnetic Phone Cradle

Tackform Tomahawk Phone Cradle for Car

Compact magnetic mount for cars and trucks

  1. STRONG MAGNETS - The strong neodymium magnets will hold your device securly in most driving condetions.
  2. SINGLE HANDED OPERATION - Very easy to use and get your phone on and off the holder with a single hand.
  3. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with most phones, you can adhere the metal plate directly to the back of your phone or to any hard phone case. The plate doesn't adhere to silicon or soft cases, and it may interfere with your phone's magnetic charging if your phone has that feature.
  4. USABILITY - Great for most driving conditions, not recommended for off-roading, or rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

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EPW (Denver, US)
Perfect Solution for 3rd Gen Tacomas

Late model Tacomas are notorious for not having much room on the dash to mount a good phone holder. The Vent Mount and small Magnetic Phone Holder is the perfect solution. I wanted a place to securely mount my phone when plugged into the deck that did not involve drilling holes or applying a strong adhesive. I'm using the vent mount attached to the bottom of the AC vent, which is still completely functional, and the magnetic holder keeps the phone secure and visible but far enough out of the way that all the knobs and buttons on the dash are still accessible. Took less than 2 minutes to install. I couldn't be more pleased with this set-up.