How to measure your mororcycle handlebars?
How to measure your motorcycle handlebars
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Motorcycle Phone Tether - Slings Black for Handlebar Phone Mounts - 3 Pack

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$7.99 USD
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$7.99 USD
iPhone users read this announcement from Apple
    Our Tackform Enduro Series Motorcycle Mounts are designed so you do not need to the silicone tether. However, if you're looking for some extra security and peace of mind while riding, these three packs will do the trick. 
  • High elasticity premium rubber design keeps the phone securely seated in the phone cradle on even the roughest of terrain.
  • Works with all Tackform bike phone mounts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Ricky H. (Conway, US)
Slingback Tether

I installed one of your mounts on my motorcycle over two years ago on my motorcycle, really like it. Two weeks ago the tether broke when I was strapping my phone back into the mount. I’m not upset, it did it’s job and lasted two years in the weather, securing a iPhone 11 in a case.

I ordered new tethers from Tackform. They came in a pack of 3 and the price was very reasonable. They arrived quickly and of course easily mounted to the holder I have.

I’m very happy with the product and the service this company has provided. I highly recommend them as a company and will purchase from again.

Ricky H
Conway, SC.

Justin L. (Medinah, US)
2004 sportster

Looks great and works great.

Daniel L. (Tacoma, US)
Motorcycle Phone Tether Slings - (3)

Very good item accentuates the phone mount. The phone mount is so darn secure, you almost don't need the slings anyways. The XR650 is a dual sport bike with a lot of inherent vibration, and this pHne mount holds the phone great, without any issues. Using an Android (only real phone) Great product!

Jeff W. (Kanab, US)
Great customer service, great product.

Thank you for a great product. Works perfect on my KTM 690 Enduro, with a Gallaxy 9 Note.
Held nice and tight even at 80 mph.
Can't wait for the weather to break so I can test it with the silicone straps in the dirt.
Thank you for the wonderful customer service. Nice follow up, and fast delivery. Great job guys !

The D. (Los Angeles, US)
Great customer service

I’ve been using the Tackform phone mount for about a year with no incidents. I set the mount in position and haven’t had to adjust it. It is rock solid! The silicone sling had developed a tear on one of the corners. I use the sling for my phone due to the external battery for extended rides and running the GPS mapping app. I couldn’t find the slings on the website, so I called the company. They answered the phone and helped me out. Very nice and efficient customer service is very appreciated. Thank you! I ordered the slings and they were deluged a couple days later.