Can-Am Center Mount

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UNLIMITED OPTIONS - Cramped handlebars? Struggling to find somewhere to get your phone mount installed? Are you riding something unique like the Can-Am Spyder RT?  There are a lot of bikes out there that won't allow any of the more traditional mounts to be installed. However, this innovative design allows you to remove one of your 10mm handlebar bolts and replace it with a longer (included) M10 bolt with a bushing and an aluminum bolt head adapter that has a 20mm aluminum ball. Use this mount to put your phone in the perfect position on your bike. Hardware included with this kit is designed for the following Spyder Models.

F3 (All Models)

RS Models (2013 and newer only)

ST without Tri-Axis Handlebars

RT without Tri-Axis Handlebars

ALL METAL ARM - 3.5" metal arm provides solid support while minimizing vibration. Dual thumbscrews allow you to quickly loosen/tighten the ball and socket joints to allow unlimited positioning. This arm will not break, bend or boogie on you. It will stay right where you left it.

METAL OMNI-DIRECTIONAL PHONE CRADLE - Works seamlessly with all cell phones and devices up to 3-7/16 inches wide. This includes all standard and plus-sized phones from all manufacturers. Clever design allows you to get any phone, with any case, in and out of the cradle with a single hand. Metal construction with rubber inserts to protect your phone paired with industrial springs to hold your phone securely. Full articulation allows for your phone to be a portrait, landscape or anywhere in between.

COMMON USES - The most common use is to replace one of the bolts from the handlebar clamp. Typical clamps have 4 bolts allowing you to place this mount in a variety of positions.

WHY PURCHASE FROM TACKFORM - Tackform, headquartered in Chicago, IL, believes that quality products should last a lifetime. In a world filled with low cost, short-lived, quick fix mounting solutions, we chose to stand apart by manufacturing and selecting products designed to endure the roughest of conditions. This product is backed by TACKFORM’S 100% BULLETPROOF SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


NOTICE: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro Users
Recent consumer complaints related to Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro cameras have become increasingly frequent on Apple's support portal and other tech-related media channels. Users are reporting failures with the new camera systems, found on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro stemming from vibrations associated with mounting iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro on ATVs, Mountain Bikes, Off-Road vehicles, and Motorcycles.

As a precautionary measure, we specifically encourage users of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro to avoid mounting these on their bikes.

Customer Reviews

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Strong reliable mount

Installed fairly easily. Heavy duty material and stylish look makes my spyder stands out as a piece of art. Nothing cheap on my trike!! I went with the lower left bolt for install to keep my phone near my left hand controls and not way up in the air. In doing so I found that the included spacer would not work with FACTORY GPS in this location. Not wanting to mount phone way up in the air I searched my garage till I found a solid replacement to fit in tapered area of GPS mount. It was solid plastic and inner diameter an exact match. I did have to cut it shorter to get plenty of thread bite. But in doing so I feel that this location is a lot safer. If you choose this mount location don't skimp. Its your steering mechanism and needs to be tight. To Tackform I recommend a shorter spacer for this application with FACTORY GPS. I love it! I think you will too. Check out the pictures!

tackform phone mount

The mount itself is awesome. Great value and quality. Design and versatility is perfect. The delivery was quick.
I had a little trouble getting the bolt out of the steering column, probably more about being a woman than anything else, but a quick Google search and a hammer solved the problem. I will recommend the mount to all my biker friends. Thank you,

Canam spyder mount

Solid mount , easy install , expect this will last a loooong time ! First class product !

Works Awesome

The mount installed very easy and the mounting instructions were very helpful.


Can-Am Center Mount