Wireless Charger Phone Mount with Cupholder Base | 3.5" Arm - Magsafe Compatible

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Enduro Series™ Fast Wireless Charging Phone Mount for vehicle

  • Fast Qi Wireless Charger
  • Fast Charging Cable
  • USB charging plug
  • 3.5" Dual Articulating Arm
  • Universal Cup Holder Base

What's In The Box:

  • Qi Charger
  • Charging Cable (3 ft 4 in. Length)
  • Fast Charging Car Charger
  • 20mm-17mm Arm Adapter 
  • 3.5" Dual Socket Arm
  • Cup Holder Mount

Fast Qi Wireless Charger

There's a lot of options out there for wireless chargers but here are a few features that set's us apart,

  1. THE SMART SENSOR - This product is equipped with a smart sensor and here is how it works. The arms start in the open position. Once a phone is inserted the smart sensor will detect it and the arms will automatically close, and your phone will begin to charge. When you want to remove your device you simply press the side button on the cradle and the arms open back up, and remain in that position until you re-insert your phone. 
  2. FOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION - This safety feature detects metal objects in or on the phone case that can lead to overheating.  One classic example is when people try to use a wireless charger but still have a metal plate in the back of the phone that may have been used in the past for magnetic mounting. 
  3. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - This cradle will accommodate all phones between 2-5/8" to 3-7/8 wide and up to .75" Thick

Fast Charging Cable
4ft quick charge compatible cable provides fast charging and data transfer.

USB Charging Plug
one Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB port

3.5" Dual Articulating Arm
Dual articulating ball and socket arm allows you to quickly loosen/tighten the ball and socket joints for infinite positioning options.

Universal Cup Holder Base
This base allows you to mount your smartphone or tablet to your car's cup holder. The twist-to-fit mechanism makes it suitable for cup holders with a diameter between 2.875" and 3.625"



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan (Melbourne, AU)
Very good but very expensive

Context: For about 5 years I've been using a windscreen suction mount inverted in my cupholder to hold my phone just in front of my lower dashboard near the climate controls. I don't like having a phone on the windscreen. After purchasing a newer, larger, heavier phone I needed something more rigid. Fortunately, a number of bespoke cup-holder mounts now exist. I went with tackform for its QuickCharge 3 support and auto-closing arms, plus I was already purchasing a motorcycle mount.

Positives: Easy to use, sturdy cup-holder base. The phone is very secure. Auto-grab functionality works well. Easy to find the button to release the arms.

Negatives. Very expensive. The metal extension probably doesn't need to be so thick or long (for a small vehicle), meaning I cannot place the phone mount exactly where I want it (just above the cup holder, instead it has to sit 2 inches closer to me). Both the unit and the power adapter emit a bright blue light which is especially irritating at night. A dull red color would be much softer on the eyes. A sticker on the power adapter can be relocated to cover the blue LED somewhat. The unit LEDs are only an issue when you leave your phone in your pocket. I wish the tackform logo was much more discreet in its size and location. The noise of the arms opening/closing could be quieter.
Multiple emails requesting product reviews and spreading the word might be seen as nagging. Offering 15% off a second order within 60 days of this review doesn't help when it costs so much to ship internationally (it would be more economic to combine orders rather than place a second discounted order). Maybe I should record a video review and get a referral code to share instead, haha.

The longer list of negatives is not intended to discourage purchase as the core product works very well. A premium product attracts more critique. If the product is updated then this feedback might be helpful in making improvements.

I'm still in lockdown so cannot review the motorcycle mount.

Ben F. (Burbank, US)
Love it

Bought for my Dodge Charger and love it. Really helps me keep my phone secure and easily see a message when I stop.

Pete K. (San Pedro, US)
Tackform delivers

I have a 2005 f250 4x4. The Tackform with cup holder and charging works great. Hitting bumps pot holes and cornering the Tackform holds my iPhone Max in place. Two thumbs up👍👍

Joe V. (Tulsa, US)
Best phone mount we've purchased!!

My wife has been through a couple of phone mounts. This being her first cupholder mount I was hoping for the best. Long story short, we got it. Nothing wrong with the phone mount in my truck but I'm jealous of this one that my wife has so I'll be placing another order soon.

Patrick K. (Portland, US)
Great geezmo

This phone holder is so cool. Works as as said in ad. Love the battery charger