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ABOUT US - Tackform, headquartered in Chicago, IL,  believes that quality products should last a lifetime. In a world filled with low cost, short lived, quick fix mounting solutions, we chose to stand apart by manufacturing and selecting products designed to endure the roughest of conditions. 

THE SUCTION CUP -  Our beast of a suction cup measures in at 3.5” in diameter. The pad is molded using all name brand and premium quality resins to ensure a secure hold in harsh weather conditions. With TRUCK DRIVERS in mind we developed a suction pad that will last with regular relocation from one vehicle to another. In the event to suction pad gets damaged or wears down over time, the Tackform pad is easily replaceable.

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY - Our all ALUMINUM cradle is coupled with an industrial stainless steel springs. This will comfortably and securely hold all devices up to 3.4” Wide. This includes all iPhones including Plus Sized Devices.

MOUNTING POSITION VERSATILITY - Between the suction cup and the cradle is our 4.75" aluminum stud arm with a hardened aluminum ball connector at each end allowing two connectors a full range of motion. This metal arm configuration allows easy repositioning, along with a ROCK SOLID, vibration free hold.

INDUSTRIES SERVED - Commercial Fleet Trucking, Aviation, Agriculture, Off-Roading, Overlanding and more...



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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jim S. (Seattle, US)
2023 CAT 272D3 skid steer

Mounted on sliding glass window on the front right side of the cab. The skid steer has a poly carbonate front door which is flexible So it must be slammed closed harder than a conventional glass door. Because of this, it can cause phone holder to loose its hold on the phone and sometimes the phone will come off the holder. It also depends on how which position the holder is in, most of the time it’s fine.

CHRIS Z. (Chicago, US)
Stable, Strong, and moveable.

A great mount for your phone. I have one in each of our cars and it does not disappoint. A great company, I use their mounts on my two motorcycles also.

James M. (Chicago, US)
Tackform has great products .

Best mounts ever. We have purchased them at work, i use them at home. We’ve also given them as gifts. Outstanding product.

Richard J. (Sioux Falls, US)
98% Good.

CAR ...
Ford Mustang convertible.
YEAR ...2003

This Tackform phone holder is without any doubt the best I've ever had.
It's metal construction is the reason I purchased it after having several plastic store bought ones break on me and were a complete waste of money.
I have no fear of this one ever breaking, it seems bullet proof and puts my phone within easy reach in front of the dash air vents next to my steering wheel and it doesn't shake at all. This enables a quick glance at my phone whilst still keeping my eyes on the road ahead.
Like all suction pad holders it does eventually fall off and end up on the floor even with the plastic mounting plate but I think I do have solution to this too. I'm going to replace the plastic mounting plate with a glass plate made from .25" glass.
I'll let you know if this works out.
I'd like to add that having been a trucker this could be mounted on the windshield without your phone interfering with your view ahead and your biggest problem will be removing it again, this suction pad is a BEAST !
Unfortunately this isn't an option in my Mustang due to visibility and I don't wish to drill holes in my dash, hence the mounting problem on the textured surface.

Zackery M. (Boston, US)
Super sturdy

Have been using it for a few weeks now, I feel like the windshield of my car will break before the mount would move an inch, very heavy duty