Enduro Series™ Low Profile Drill Base Phone Mount | Short Reach Arm | Connects To Familiar Amps Pattern Devices

  • STANDARD AMPS PATTERN - 2-Hole base plate fits popular AMPS pattern devices. 48.5 mm (1.91") distance between holes, center to center.
  • LOW PROFILE ARM - All metal , ball and socket arm at a compact 1.5", allows for low profile mounting of device while reducing the vibration associated with a long arm.
  • HEAVY DUTY CRADLE - Works with devices up to 3.4" wide. Designed for one handed insertion/removal. Metal construction with rubber lining paired with industrial springs to hold your phone securely.
  • ABOUT TACKFORM - We're a small family owned business in the Chicago suburbs. Any questions or concerns, contact us immediately for a rapid response from our support team.

Customer Reviews

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Very well made phone mount

This is a very well made phone mount. It grips hard. I was surprised to hear that the the ball and arm construction was all aluminum compared to other brand using a rubber laced ball (which is also very good design as well. The all aluminum design is very robust and the anodized aluminum ads a nice touch to it. There's plenty of these mounts for sale. Get yours from Tackform. Im glad I went with Tackform instead of 67 Designs which seems to be another company that makes the same thing, but they cannot keep up with the demand and they will only sell you 2 mounts. Order from Tackform. They are ready to sell to you.

A product like yours is Quality and the Craftsmanship is awesome.

Your product is a pleasure to look at and works perfectly.
I wished more people who design and manufacture products would take more pride to produce a a good functioning product.I almost thought it was made in Germany.
Keep up the good work
Alexander Krajsek


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Great Product

This phone mount is of excellent quality, very easy to install and easier to use.
I have refereed friends to purchase their own.

Best of all the mounts I have tried

... And I've tried them all! Finally got to take a ride on some rough roads and it didn't budge. I left the retainer off on the way home with no problem. I highly recommend this phone holder. I already had the ball mount on the bike from the last few popular brands. This is so much better.

Perch mount

I bought the chrome perch mount for my 2015 road glide and I love it. Best mount ever. Looks good and holds my note 8 with no problem. Awesome mount

Built like a tank

This is pretty solid as it comes with an all metal arm and cradle w/industrial springs to secure your phone. Its a one handed solution for placing your phone. That’s an IphoneX w/otterbox defender case and that thing is not going anywhere. Stay away from the cheap Amazon phone mounts and invest your money on this setup you will not regret it. Money well spent love this phone mount. 👌