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Suction Cup Mount for GoPro and Action Cameras | 10.75" Long Modular Arm | Enduro Series


The Tackform Enduro suction cup measures in at 3.5 Inches wide providing a secure grip through the most extreme terrain. The suction cups are designed to be easily replaceable to ensure that this product lasts you lifetime. It has a lever action suction cup that will easily lock down on any smooth nonporous surface.

Buy it now - Use it forever - Lifetime Guaranteed

This kit comes equipped with our 10.75" Long Modular Arm offering 4 points of articulation, 2 ball joints and 2 elbow joings, giving you a huge range of filming angles with your GoPro or action camera This product is designed to outlast you. It's not going anywhere. The arm spans 10.75" from one end of the arm to the other, not including the camera mount.

Also Includes Includes: 

Aluminum 2 prong camera to GoPro adapter with 1 wing thumb screw designed to tighten up the camera with ease. Constructed from black anodized aluminum. 

Aluminum buckle adapter for GoPro. Securely mounts to any 1/4"-20 camera screw. Constructed from black anodized aluminum. 

Made from 6061 Aluminum, Automotive Grade ABS Knobs, Steel or Brass Fittings and Steel Screws.


  1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface to remove all dust and debris.
  2. Wipe down the suction pad with a moist cloth which will remove all dust/debris as well as moisturize the pad to insure a high quality, and long lasting seal.
  3. There is an adjustable lever used to fasten and loosen the suction pad grip. Make sure the lever is in the unlocked position when you begin installing the process.
  4. Place the suction cup on the mounting surface and press down on the center of the lever  to remove all of the air in between the windshield and the pad.
  5. From here you can lock down the lever to create suction.

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Customer Reviews

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Best GoPro Investment I've made

I've been looking for a GoPro mount that has a long reach, for a better vantage point on my drift car. This is by far the best investment I've made for my GoPro. The suction cup is strong, and the joints are solid. I was able to get some really unique footage because of the long reach.

I will say that the suction cup to the mount wasn't as tight as the GoPro brand ones when when it was cranked down as tight as possible. With the arm pretty much straight out, this caused a bit of vibration/bounce in the video. It is more noticeable when using older gopros (I still use the original GoPro Hero HD) that don't have the stabilizer built into the camera, but it wasn't very noticeable with my Hero 5 Black.

Even with that, I still give it 5/5. I was able to shoot some wonderful video with it, and I look forward to seeing what other creative ways I can use it.

Great mount!

We’re using it in a T1 (Beechcraft 400) and it works great! Significantly better product than the Amazon fair and not significantly higher. It’s the first suction cup I’ve managed to stick onto the dimpled plastic in the jet and hold.

Customer service is good too. They’re emailed me about a new production mode before it shipped.

Thank you!

Tackform mount

this mount takes all the shake and hazel out of the equation if you want ezy on and off with a solid mount there is no better mount .

Great to hear, Wayne! Thank you for your support.
Word To The Wise

Finally .. ( found ) ___’ tackform ‘___ ! . ! . !

The reliable , high quality , suction cup that now
holds my $500 Dash Cam to my windshield .
My solution is the ..
__ ENDURO Series ~ TFEN-0201-GPB __
The components ::

* Anodized aluminum base
* Auto Grade ABS plastic connectors
* SS Screws
* Thick sticky rubber suction cup

Looks ..&.. works like military grade hardware

To a clean windshield it _HOLDs_ super tight

Nick .. listened to my needs ..&.. concerns
for my application _&_ suggested the above suction cup .. which exceeds ALL the other
..’OnLine’.. offering(s)

For a sincerely professional and personable
buying experience .. Nick is your “Go-2-Guy”

For ah quarter century I’ve sold maintenance hardware to mechanics ( fine folks who keep
all kinds of stuff we all depend on .. WORK-N )

Nick’s __’ STUFF ‘ __ • “WORKS” • ! . ! . !
Mark Colvin __________


Outstanding! This product exceeded my expectations in every way. These days, (getting old realization moment) it is almost impossible to find a company that truly values the quality of their product. I purchased the Enduro Suction Cup Mount and I have to say, this is one of the best quality products I have ever purchased! This thing is hardcore, super flexible, and the stability is unbelievable. I threw this badboy up on the windshield of my VW GTI and it was un-movable. Literally, once I had everything tightened down there wasn't even the smallest bit of play between the joints. What I like the most about the mount/arm is how universal it is. I will be using this thing for so many other applications. The potential for this product is endless. Well worth the $60.00


Let customers speak for us

1106 reviews

Exelent product, exelent price,and exelent service. What more can anyone ask for

Perfect bike phone mount

This mount was exactly what I was looking for. I had some issues finding a phone holder for my Harley that I could pivot, fit large phones, quickly attach/detach phone, display not obstructed, and most of all not worry about it falling off while riding. Great product and highly recommended! I would like to thank Tackform for taking the time to create a product that every biker needs with the biker in mind. Thanks again, Robert Fisher

Love this

The spring in this are legit that hold your phone extremely tight. No need to use the runner that came with it

You get what you pay for.

Very pleased with product. It works as advertised. Purchases a cheaper product a few week earlier. It was a piece of junk. It's true you get what you pay for. Tackform is excellent.