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Commuter Series | 17MM
Ball System / Compatible with Garmin

Phone Holder | Magnetic | 17mm Ball Receiver

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Magnetic Phone Cradle

Tackform Tomahawk Phone Cradle for Car

Compact magnetic mount for cars and trucks

  1. STRONG MAGNETS - The strong neodymium magnets will hold your device securly in most driving condetions.
  2. SINGLE HANDED OPERATION - Very easy to use and get your phone on and off the holder with a single hand.
  3. PHONE COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with most phones, you can adhere the metal plate directly to the back of your phone or to any hard phone case. The plate doesn't adhere to silicon or soft cases, and it may interfere with your phone's magnetic charging if your phone has that feature.
  4. USABILITY - Great for most driving conditions, not recommended for off-roading, or rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Scott M. (American Fork, US)
Tackform is the best!

I have 3 mounts for my bikes, and two for cars. They are the best mounts available!

Anthony (Walnut, US)
Strong magnet

This is a strong magnet when use with the provided metal plate. Putting the phone on the magnetic mount is a one handed operation. This is the best mount on the market

David T. (Damascus, US)
Works great

Got this to connect to another ball for my cell phone. The magnet is great and the soft rubber keeps the magnet off my phone while giving it a nice solid, yet cushioned foundation.

Harry G. (Catonsville, US)
Holds iPhone on car dashboard

On my dashboard I already had a beanbag holder for my Garmin. This holder had a spring-clip to grip the navigation device. I switched to using my iPhone for navigation. My iPhone case has a steel disk in the center. To put the iPhone on the spring clip took two hands. I wanted to switch the spring clip with a magnet so that I could attach the iPhone with one hand. Tackform was the only place that I saw the magnet that fit the Garmin beanbag stand. I removed the spring clip and attached the Tackform magnet. It works perfectly. I can place the back of the iPhone against the magnet and it holds the iPhone on the top of the dashboard where I can see the navigational directions. (No cup-phone holder for me!) Thank you, Tackform, for supplying the right part for the job!

David I. (Largo, US)
Perfect fit replacement

Only company that I was able to find on the net that 1) sold parts for ball mounts and 2) actually stated the diameter size and 3) sold a receiver and not ball end. Plus it works great in replacing a clamping phone mount with a magnetic mount!