What is an AMPS pattern?

The AMPS pattern is an industry-standard mounting screw pattern used in various applications for mounting devices to device mounts. The AMPS pattern consists of four holes drilled in a rectangular pattern.

Industry-standard Amps Pattern

AMPS Pattern Mount Shapes

AMPS pattern bases can also be found in a number of shapes, but the pattern stays the same as the distance between at least two out of the 4 holes stays the same.

The two most commonly used AMPS patterns are the 2 Holes and 4 Holes. We offer a wide variety of AMPS-compatible device mounts and device bases. 

 Tackform 2 & 4 Holes AMPS

We offer a wide variety of both 2 and 4 holes AMPS bases and mounts like the Jeep Wrangler base below. 
Jeep AMPS Base

AMPS Compatible Device Mounts